J.R. Holder Wellness Center Classes

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Class Descriptions

Body Conditioning:

Body Conditioning is a class consisting of a variety of toning and cardiovascular exercises. The goal is to tone, strengthen, and define the entire body. We will use various pieces of equipment such as bosu balls, body bars, free weights, step benches, and stability balls to produce a great workout for cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

Lunch Break Body Conditioning:

Lunch Break Body Conditioning is a class designed for the working adult.  All are welcome to attend.  The goals and equipment use are the same as Body Conditioning, but the class is condensed into 30 minutes.  The class is for people of all fitness levels from expert to beginner.  You will have time during your lunch break to change clothes, exercise, and get back to work without missing a beat.


Indoor group cycling is a class that is designed to be an individually paced journey to mental and physical well being. By adjusting the resistance knob on your bike, all fitness levels can participate and work at your own individualized fitness level while being motivated and encouraged in a group setting.


Pilates is a total body conditioning exercise method to develop mind and body uniformity; provide balance, flexibility and strength; to improve posture and to focus on the powerhouse.