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Visual Arts Course Descriptions

1103 Fundamentals of Two-Dimensional Art
This is a foundation course designed to introduce students to the materials, methods, and concepts utilized in the production of two-dimensional art. Students will be introduced to water-based painting media including watercolor, acrylic, and ink wash as well as a variety of dry media. The course will have a strong emphasis on learning to see in the context of an observational studio practice. Open to all students.

2013 Art History Survey
Introductory survey of Western art. Special focus on developments in painting and drawing.

2213 Life Drawing
This is an intermediate course in observational drawing focusing on the study of the anatomical structure and interpretive representation of the human figure. Drawings will be made from master drawings, anatomical plates, plaster casts, and the live model. Course will also include a section on drapery study and the clothed figure.

3143 Oil Painting
Familiarizes students with basic oil painting materials, methods, and concepts. Topics include basic color theory, historical painting techniques and concepts, illusionistic space, and safe handling of materials. This course emphasizes working from observation. Class will include exploration of the ways in which paintings make meaning and communicate ideas.

3163 Natural History Drawing
Students will create drawings both from specimens in the collection of the NWOSU Museum of Natural History and other gathered references. Emphasis on accurate description of animal bodies and natural environments. Discussion of historical animaliers and of contemporary illustrators of natural subjects. Pre: ART 2213, ART 1103.

3173 Illustration
This course will allow students to explore the multifaceted world of contemporary illustration. The student will have an opportunity to create editorial, book, graphic novel, scientific, advertising, and concept art pieces in a variety of media. Students will engage in discussion of historical and contemporary illustration and sequential narrative artforms. The student will engage in real-life assignments, bringing projects from conceptual sketch to completion. Pre: ART 2213, ART 1103.

4900 Sequential Art
This is an intermediate course in drawing focusing on creating narratives with visual language in sequences of juxtaposed panels on single or multiple pages. Students will learn to communicate their content and idea via writing their own narrative material and drawing corresponding images. Students will be expected to submit each of their projects to local magazines and newspapers for publication consideration, as well as self-publishing their works via submission of a web-based comic and zine creation. Projects include single and multi-panel comic strips, full page multi-panel for web comic, a four-page graphic novel, and a 16-page zine as a final project for self-publishing and distribution in the community. Course will also include a historical study of comics in the U.S. as well as in Japan and Europe. PRE: ART 2213, ART 1103, or permission of the instructor.

4103 Drawing Into Painting
In this course students will create a series of paintings from drawings created both in and outside the studio. Students will be required to keep a sketchbook for the duration of the course to be used as a resource for painting subjects. Drawing will be used as a tool for the immediate generation and organization of ideas that are then refined in painting. Discussion of artists who use drawing as a planning tool in their image making and of drawing and painting as related
disciplines. Pre: ART 2213, ART 3143, ART 1103, ART 2013.

4123 Advanced Painting and Drawing Studio
This course is required of graduating art minors. Emphasis on exploration of individual interests in painting and drawing. Lecture, studio and critique sessions will include preparing the artist statement, preparation of a portfolio and promotional material, and developing work for a representative final show. Pre: ART 1103, ART 2213, ART 3143, ART 2013.

2432 Art in Life
An area course identical in objectives respecting art with General Humanities 2113 and 2223. Both semesters.