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Student - Vince Lauderdale

Vince LauderdaleVince Lauderdale of Woodward is the current Student Government Association (SGA) president. He chose to attend Northwestern because of the size of the university and the cost of attendance. Because he didn't want to follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers, he initially thought he would not attend Northwestern. However, he says his brothers turned out to be the biggest reasons why he came. The family tradition continues beyond Vince because his sister, Allison, now attends Northwestern as well.

“My grandfather actually graduated from Northwestern (Elmer Rhodes, bachelor’s-1959, M.Ed.-1969) and my two older brothers graduated from here (Tim-2006, Chris-2009),” Vince said.  “It played a big role because I wanted to get closer with them, even though I wouldn’t admit it.”

Vince believes in being active on campus.  Not only is he active in SGA, he also is a member of the Northwestern Scholar Ambassadors and Chemistry Club. 

“I think all of these organizations are important because they integrate you with people you might not ever get the courage to go meet yourself, but also they keep you active on campus and make you feel like you are a part of something special and that’s why I participate,” he said. 

Vince said touring the campus is a good idea because meeting future professors and getting the chance to talk to current students is important.

“We have nice facilities, but people don’t come to college for the buildings; they come for the atmosphere, and we have a lot of awesome people here that I think can bring tons of prospective students,” Vince said.

Vince attended Ranger Preview in fall 2007 and said it gave him a nice look at the campus and what the school had to offer as a whole.  He was in the Presidents Leadership Class as a freshman and also took a Ranger Connection class.  He said one of the most important things he learned from that class was time management. 

“That is by far the biggest and most important thing I could have learned as a fresh college student, along with learning my way around campus and knowing who to ask what questions and where they were located on campus,” Vince said.

He said his favorite class so far in his major of pre-medicine has been Human Anatomy and the lab that accompanied it because they were extremely interesting and gave hands-on experience.  His favorite non-major class has been psychology because Dr. Mark Davis always had good jokes to share. 

Vince’s favorite time at Northwestern was the 2009 Bahama Breakaway.

“It was such a blast, plus I was part of the championship volleyball and tug of war teams,” Vince said. 

He also enjoyed intramural softball and said it was the best thing about spring semester.

Some of Vince’s hobbies include watching movies and playing any sport.  He also likes hanging out with his friends and playing intramural sports because it allows him to meet so many new people and have fun at the same time. 

A little known fact about Vince that he shared is that he is really good at waiting until the last minute to do anything and then somehow being able to get it finished and turned in when it is due.  He said it’s a very stressful time.

Vince’s goals include graduating from Northwestern in pre-med and getting accepted into OU or OSU’s medical program. 

“I want to be a Radiation Oncologist.” Vince said.  “I want to be able to help people and get the gratification of knowing that I am part of the reason that makes someone’s life better.”

Vince’s Favorites:
Movie: Field of Dreams
TV show: Friends/Hell’s Kitchen/The Office
Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks/Jennifer Aniston
Color: Green
Book: Frankenstein
Type of music: Good old rock and roll
Group/Singer: The Beatles
Season: Spring
Drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi
Pet: Bobcat
Sport to watch: college football/ St. Louis Cardinals Baseball
Toy as a child: My numerous ninja turtle action figures
Car: 1969 Shelby GT 500
Flower: the kind that you can squirt water on people with when they go to smell it
Day of the year: Bahama Breakaway day

Q & A with Vince:

Q: What does "Being a Ranger" mean to you?
“Being a Ranger is living up to your potential in all aspects- personal, student, employee- because no matter where we go, we always represent our school and what we stand for, so by doing whatever it takes to reach our full potential, we shed a positive light on our university.”

Q: What do you like best about going to school here?
I like that it is small and you get to know a lot of people really fast and see those people on a daily basis.  I think with everyone being so close you build stronger bonds than you would have the chance to at a larger university.

Q: What are the benefits of living in the dorms?
I enjoy living in the dorms because it is on campus, so it is never far away.  I can run to my room when I forget something for a class (which happens frequently) and not have to panic.  Also, you get to know the people living around you, and you don’t have to worry about cooking because the cafeteria is right beside you. 

Q: Has financial aid/scholarships and/or a campus job played a part on helping you attend Northwestern?
Yes, it has played a huge role in helping me attend Northwestern.  We have enough stress on us as students already, especially the new students, that having one less thing to worry about is extremely beneficial. 

Q: What advice would you give to a prospective student about why to choose Northwestern?
I would say go where you feel comfortable and where you think you can learn the most.  Northwestern is a great place because we have great professors and our campus has a little bit of something for everyone.  It is a really easy place to meet new people, get involved and get settled into college life.  Everyone here is willing to help and genuinely cares for each and every student.

Q: What are the benefits of earning a degree from Northwestern?
Along with the amount of money you save, Northwestern has great professors that can offer just as good of an education as a larger school, but here they care about your success and will help you get where you want to be for the future. 

Q: What makes Northwestern unique from any other university you have attended or considered attending?
Everyone here no matter if it is a student all the way up to the president is always willing to help regardless.  Everyone cares and wants what is best for you.

Q: When you think of Northwestern, what adjectives come to mind?
Welcoming, loyal and fun

Q: How have some of your classes helped to develop who you are today?
My classes have helped me grow up a lot from high school. Going from easy, not much studying and not much homework to having to take notes and studying regularly made me grow up fast and really prioritize my time and what I wanted to do with it.

Q: How have your experiences outside the classroom shaped who you are today?
I have to schedule my time to benefit me the most, and sometimes I have to sacrifice some of the fun things going on in order to study for a test.  My experiences also have helped me to meet a lot of new people.  I was never the shy person, but since becoming a Ranger I have learned how to meet new people anywhere and everywhere I am, which has made my college experience much more enjoyable.

Q: What on/off campus events should a student not miss while attending Northwestern?
The top events in order of occurrence are Howdy Week, Homecoming and Bahama Breakaway.  All sporting events, musicals/plays and concerts also are a good time.

Q: What leadership opportunities have you been a part of while attending Northwestern?
I started my Northwestern experience in the President’s Leadership Class and that was the beginning of several doors being opened for me.  After my freshman year, I was selected to be a sophomore mentor to the 2008-2009 PLC class. Also as a sophomore I was selected as a Northwestern Scholar Ambassador, and currently, I serve as SGA president. 

Q: Why did you want to become SGA president and what goals do you have for this organization and for the student body as a whole?
I wanted to be president because I knew all of our former officers would not return, so I felt it was my turn to step up and lead.  I have been very involved on campus since the beginning so I thought I could do a good job keeping up what great work SGA has done in the past.  I would really like to expand SGA to more students and get more students involved in the decision making, because we are here for them, and the more opinions and ideas we’re given, the better we can make the school year.  (Vince will start his second term as president in the Fall 2010.)

Q: What types of volunteer activities or service learning activities have you been a part of?
I have helped out with a couple of things while at Northwestern.  I helped with “The Big Event,” which is a day where Northwestern students give back to the community helping to improve the city of Alva.  On campus I have helped out with Ranger Preview, Freshman Connection and Campus Cleanup. 

Q: Any other comments you’d like to make about attending Northwestern?
A: I admit Northwestern was not my first choice, but I have never regretted my decision to come here.  It has been so much fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  It has become my home away from home.  Our university has so much to offer students, and I know if given the chance, Northwestern will seem like a home away from home for future students.  We have great professors who care and will work with any student on anything. We have tons of campus events and clubs that allow people to get involved on campus and make a difference.  And finally, we have fantastic community support. Alva does so much for Northwestern, and I don’t think we could ask for any better support from a community, as a whole, than what Alva offers to us every day.  It is a small university, but I am proud to be a part of the Ranger family and would put it up against any other university any day of the week.