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Upward Bound Programs

The Upward Bound Programs are designed to prepare one hundred eligible students from area high schools in Alfalfa, Major and Woods Counties for college entry and success. The successes are listed below. The program's rigorous academic and counseling components are designed to provide students with four years of continuous preparation for college beginning in the fall of their ninth grade academic year.

 The UB Academic Component is comprised of both an academic year curriculum and a six-week summer component held on the Northwestern Oklahoma State University campus. The academic year curriculum consists of monthly meetings, monthly assignments and on-going academic advising. The six-week summer component consists of four consecutive summers (beginning after the eighth grade) where completion of a rigorous academic curriculum will be required of each student. The overall Academic Component is designed to develop college-requisite competency in mathematics, reading, writing, sciences, foreign language, and academic/study skills.

 The Counseling Component connects to all other activities and services provided by the program. The counseling component consists of four interrelated sets of activities; career awareness and planning, college adjustment and financial aid training, personal advising and mentoring, and academic advising and motivation. The component is aimed at equipping students for college by teaching effective strategies for coping with stress in higher education. This direction on survival and success is continuous throughout both the academic year component and the summer component.


UB and UBMS Mission Statement  


The Northwestern Oklahoma State University Upward Bound Programs strive to create a harmonious, multicultural, educational community of students with great potential who demonstrate a strong desire to acquire higher education.  NWOSU Upward Bound programs provide our students and staff with a sense of belonging, pride, and personal responsibility; a deep commitment to give back to the larger community. Our educational community provides curriculum opportunities for academic accomplishiment, for self-governance, for individual and group empowerment as well as for personal and cultural growth. 


Participants are from area high schools in Alfalfa, Major and Woods Counties.

 For more information, contact the Upward Bound Office at:

 Northwestern Oklahoma State University
 Upward Bound
 709 Oklahoma Blvd.
 Alva, OK 73717
 (580) 327-8114

 ** Classic Upward Bound is funded $257,500 annually 100% through the Department of Education.
 ** Upward Bound Math & Science is funded $257,500 annually 100% through the Department of Education.

Summer Camp 2017



Move-in: Sunday, May 28

The camp ends: June 29 

Cultural Field Trip is: July 10-14

* A postcard goes out every month right before the actual Saturday session to inform you when our students will be coming to Alva. If you are not receiving our mail or have moved please call our office at 580-327-8114 so we can update your information to ensure you are receiving your mail.