University administrators recognized for leadership

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University administrators recognized for leadership

August 20, 2009

Three Northwestern Oklahoma State University administrators were presented the Friends of Guidance Award by the Northwest Technology Center for their leadership role in Education 102, an educational activity through NWTC used to present career options to eighth graders in Alva and Fairview.

Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president; Dr. Steve Lohmann, executive vice president; and Brad Franz, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, received this award for going the extra mile to support Career Guidance at the CareerTech 42nd Annual Summer Conference in Oklahoma City earlier this month.

 NWTC leadership team
Karen Koehn, (left) counselor at the Northwest Technology Center, presents the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Leadership Team comprised of Dr. Janet Cunningham, Dr. Steve Lohmann and Brad Franz with the Friends of Guidance Award.

“These three Northwestern Oklahoma State University leaders have been instrumental in the development and continuation of Education 102,” Karen Koehn, NWTC counselor said.

“Through their dedication and continued interest in this community they have implemented and created opportunities for eighth graders to not only see their potential but to actively pursue their dreams of becoming positive and productive Oklahoman’s,” Koehn said.

Leadership Northwestern students assist in providing a half-day experience on campus for eighth graders in Alva and Fairview public schools. These Northwestern students help prepare the eighth graders for high school and college. The focus is based on the importance of education and what it takes to be a successful student in both high school and their chosen avenue past high school.

Through Education 102 Koehn said, it is the hope that these eighth graders implement their personal commitment to their educational goals in the four-year Plans of Study they incorporate during their high school years. She added that the Northwest Technology Center is fortunate to have a strong and supportive relationship with Northwestern.

“This collaboration is between the Northwest Technology Center, Alva and Fairview public schools and Northwestern,” Lohmann said. “We are thrilled to be a part of this partnership.”