Two Northwestern organizations win Creative Oklahoma 'Great Inspirations' awards

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Two Northwestern organizations win Creative Oklahoma 'Great Inspirations' awards

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October 28, 2011

Creative Oklahoma recently announced the winners of the 2011 Great Inspirations award and two Northwestern Oklahoma State University organizations – Northwestern Art Society (NAS) and Creativity Project – were on that list. Recipients are recognized for their creative endeavors, solutions or activities.

Honorees will be recognized during a luncheon at the Oklahoma Creativity Forum Tuesday in Norman.

Each year NAS sponsors an art show open to Northwestern students, employees, retired employees and alumni. NAS was honored in its efforts to bring art to campus.

“Picture My Weekend” photography show and workshop, the main event sponsored by the Northwestern Creativity Project, occurs each year in July. The focus is to provide the community with a place to showcase, view and learn more about photography.

Eight years ago, two Northwestern freshmen – Helena Plett, 2007 graduate, and Christa Evans – asked Angelia Case, instructional media technician, to serve as a sponsor of this new organization. Since its inception, Case, who has a degree in art from Northwestern, has been a huge part of the group's success.

“If it weren't for Helena Plett and Christa Evans there would be no Art Society,” Case said.

“They are the two who had the idea and invited me to share it. I do believe that through our art shows, the NWOSU Art Society has shown that there is an interest in that form of creativity on our campus, so I am thrilled that we now have a Studio Arts program on campus.”

NAS was created to fill the void of being without an art program on campus since the late 1980s. The club was created to help foster creativity of students and employees. And, beginning this fall, Northwestern brought back an art minor and hired an art teacher thanks to the support of the Wisdom Family Foundation.

“Much credit and thanks needs to go to the Wisdom Family Foundation for its generosity to Northwestern and our students,” Case said.

NAS also visits various museums across the state to learn more about art.

Following the launch of the Oklahoma Creativity Project in February 2008, a group of individuals at Northwestern began a series of informal meetings to discuss how the university might position itself to become recognized as a regional center of creativity and innovation. Following the models of the World Creativity Forum and the Oklahoma Creativity Project, the Northwestern Creativity Project formed.

“Picture My Weekend” is a photography show and workshop for any skill level or camera type. Participants provide photos for a show that's open to public. Live jazz music is provided as entertainment. Informal and hands-on workshops on varying topics are available for participants.

This year, Oklahoma Today freelancer Kim Baker was a volunteer session leaders. All workshops are offered for free, and the group relies on participant donations to pay for supplies and a small travel reimbursement to session leaders.

The Northwestern Creativity Project also participates in a Photowalk, Summer Art Camp and the Arts Northwest Calendar. The calendar is designed as an effort to keep up with arts events in northwest Oklahoma. Events can be submitted for the calendar at

“Each of these honorees deserves recognition for their contributions toward making Oklahoma the state of creativity,” said Susan McCalmont, president of Creative Oklahoma. “The diversity of these projects across commerce, culture and education shows the many avenues available to advance our creative economy.”

Formed in 2006, Creative Oklahoma is a statewide non-profit organization advancing Oklahoma’s creative economy through innovative based initiatives in education, commerce and culture. The mission is to transform the state of Oklahoma through projects and collaborative ventures that help develop an improved life quality for its citizens and a more entrepreneurial and vibrant economy. For more information please visit