Two Northwestern education students elected as state SOEA officers

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Two Northwestern education students elected as state SOEA officers

May 10, 2011

 SOEA State Officers
Robyn Walker (left) and Audra Halliburton will serve at the state level as the Student Oklahoma Education Association president and NEA delegate during the 2011-2012 school year.  By holding these leadership positions, Walker and Halliburton will represent not only Northwestern, but Oklahoma’s SOEA student members.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University education majors Robyn Walker of Alva and Audra Halliburton of Laverne have been elected as the state president and National Education Association delegate of Student Oklahoma Education Association (SOEA).

This is the first time that Northwestern’s SOEA group has held state positions as president and NEA delegate simultaneously.

For Walker, there was a set of criteria she had to meet in order to be nominated for the SOEA president position. She had to be an officer at her local chapter for one year and attend one of the many state meetings including spring, fall, or national conventions, outreach to teach or the emerging leader’s conference.

“I am humbled to accept this great honor,” Walker said. “I have worked hard in trying to achieve this goal. I owe thanks to my advisers and the Northwestern officers from past to present for all the mentorship, advice and assistance throughout the three years I have been an officer in some capacity at Northwestern.”

Walker hopes to see Northwestern SOEA members continue with the Dr. Suess project and make it bigger and better each year. She also will work to increase membership increase and gain more active members within the local chapter. This includes an increase in membership attendance to monthly workshops and meetings.

“Future teachers need to educate themselves as much as possible on the issues we face from day-to-day in the classroom,” Walker said.

Walker is the daughter of Charlotte and Dennis Mosher and the mother to Brooke.

Halliburton also was nominated, but for the NEA Delegate position.

She said she’s excited about holding this leadership position. Her job will consist of representing the SOEA membership at the NEA Representative Assembly and she will give an oral report of the proceedings of the Representative Assembly at the SOEA Leadership Conferences and/or State Convention.

Halliburton is the daughter of Randy and Lea Ann Halliburton.

“One of the most rewarding elements of my position is to watch young education candidates grow into amazing professionals ready to push forward with what they have learned and experienced,” said Dr. Martie Young, director of student teaching.

“Such is the case with our two new state officers from Northwestern. Robyn and Audra are both known for their enthusiasm and hard work, and they will represent Northwestern well.”

Walker and Halliburton will serve with SOEA members from other Oklahoma universities including Felicity Cooper, vice president from the University of Oklahoma; Tiffany Leitz, secretary from Oklahoma Panhandle State University; Tiffany Roland, Legislative Representative from OU; and Skyler Mulder, Oklahoma Education Association Delegate from OU.

Elected officers shall serve for one year with the term beginning July 15.