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Tobacco-Free Policy FAQs

When did NWOSU go tobacco-free?
Northwestern Oklahoma State University became a tobacco-free campus beginning July 1, 2012, following an Executive Order issued by the Governor of the State of Oklahoma.

What does the NWOSU tobacco-free policy prohibit?
The use, sale, distribution, or advertising of tobacco products is prohibited on the university campus. Also, no university publication can accept any form of advertising of tobacco products.

Does the policy prohibit the use of all tobacco products or only cigarettes?
The policy prohibits the use of ALL tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and snuff.

Whom does this policy affect?
Any person that works, visits, attends classes or attends other events on all NWOSU campuses.

Does the policy affect branch campuses?
Effective July 1, 2012, NWOSU-Alva, NWOSU-Enid, and NWOSU-Woodward are tobacco free.

What is the policy for athletic events at Percefull Fieldhouse, Myers Stadium, and Ranger Field? Is there a different policy for such athletic events if the event is on a weekend vs. a weekday?
The policy is the same no matter when the event is held. There is no tobacco use authorized at Percefull Fieldhouse, Myers Stadium, and Ranger Field.

Can I smoke in my own car?
Tobacco use is prohibited in parked and moving vehicles while on grounds owned or under the control of NWOSU.

What about the legality of telling people they cannot use tobacco in their own car?
It’s an NWOSU policy, and state law. NWOSU is dependent on employees and students to adhere to policies regarding a tobacco-free campus. If necessary, parking permits may be withdrawn.

Are NWOSU students, employees and visitors prohibited from bringing tobacco products on campus?
The policy does not prohibit the possession of tobacco products on campus.

Who does the tobacco-free policy apply to?
The tobacco-free policy applies to everyone on NWOSU’s campuses - including employees, faculty, staff, students, guests, spectators, visitors, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors and any other individual providing any type of product or service to the university.

What about students and employees located in off-campus buildings?
The tobacco-free campus policy extends to all NWOSU buildings owned, leased or maintained by NWOSU. All students, visitors and employees will be expected to support and adhere to the policy.

What will NWOSU do about people leaving the campus or going across the street or into neighboring properties to smoke?
The NWOSU community asks our students and employees to help maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors, and to respect neighboring properties outside the campus. Tobacco use and smoking off campus does not give anyone permission to litter, loiter or trespass on private or public property. Property owners have the right to enforce their boundaries, including trespass warnings and requesting police action.

How will the tobacco-free policy be enforced?
The success of this policy will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of tobacco users and non tobacco users. Faculty, staff and students have a collective responsibility to promote the safety and health of the campus community, and therefore share in the responsibility of enforcement. Individuals observed smoking or using tobacco products are to be reminded in a professional and courteous manner of the university policy. Non-compliance of the tobacco policy will be handled through existing campus processes.

What will happen to employees, students and visitors who do not comply with the tobacco-free policy?
Employees who choose not to cooperate or repeatedly violate university policy will be reported to their supervisor. The supervisor will be responsible for enforcing the work place rules for their staff. If an employee repeatedly violates the tobacco-free policy, another employee can report him or her to a supervisor. NWOSU will follow standard employee disciplinary procedures for compliance problems to include verbal correction, written warning, investigatory leave and final written warning. Students who choose not to cooperate or repeatedly violate university policy may be subject to one or more sanctions, for example: warnings, community service assignments, housing contract cancellations and ultimately temporary or permanent dismissal from the university, in which all may apply to this type of policy infraction - pending an investigation and a consideration of conduct history. Visitors may be asked by the NWOSU Campus Police to leave university premises for failure to comply.

How do you file a complaint on a student, employee or visitor whom you have seen using tobacco products on campus?

A. Students
1. NWOSU Students Residing in University Housing shall be directed to the Director of Housing and Students, Shane Hansen at (580) 327-8418 or
2. All Other NWOSU Students shall be directed to the Director of Housing and Students, Shane Hansen at (580) 327-8418 or, or appropriate campus Dean in Enid or Woodward.

B. Faculty and Staff
1. Faculty and Staff shall be directed to the Dean of Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Calleb Mosburg at (580) 327-8415 or, or appropriate campus Dean in Enid or Woodward.

C. Visitors
Visitors shall be directed to the Dean of Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, Calleb Mosburg at (580) 327-8415 or, or appropriate campus Dean in Enid or Woodward. The visitor may be asked to leave the university premises for failure to comply.

What campus resources are available for NWOSU students and employees who wish to stop using tobacco products?
A wide selection of medical services, counseling services, and self-help materials are available today to help smokers and tobacco users quit successfully. Kaylyn Hansen and Yolanda Creswell provide cessation help and support (contact information below).

Kaylyn Hansen, Director of Student Life and Counseling, NWOSU
Fine Arts 207
(580) 327-8439

Yolanda Creswell, Community Program Coordinator
(580) 748-2144

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

1-800-QUIT NOW (784-8669)
1-800-793-1552 (Spanish)
1-877-777-6534 (Deaf or Hard of Hearing)
Hours of Operation: Monday - Sunday 7 a.m. - 2 a.m.