Theatre students to perform 'Revenge of the Pigs' for Annual Children's production

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Theatre students to perform 'Revenge of the Pigs' for Annual Children's production

November 9, 2011

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not the little pigs played by theatre students at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. “Revenge of the Pigs” by Brian D. Taylor, and directed by Kimberly Weast, associate professor of theatre, will present this fun and fractured fairy tale on Thursday, Nov. 17, and Friday, Nov. 18, at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. for elementary school-aged kids only. An additional performance on Saturday, Nov. 19, at 2 p.m. is open to the public and costs $1.

After their homes are destroyed, Peg, the drama queen, and Alfalfa, who’s a couple straws shy of a full haystack, are not at all happy, so they seek revenge against that big bad wolf, Gusto. Gusto also happens to be a master of disguise, though his snippety wife, Wendy, would disagree.

After their intellectual brother Mason refuses to get involved because his house, complete with a new Jacuzzi mud bath, is just fine, the two little pigs decide to seek help elsewhere.

Little Red Riding Hood, a boy who thinks it’s funny to cry wolf, another boy named Peter and his constantly fighting friends Bird and Cat all agree to the wolf hunt. With the plans in place to lead Gusto into their trap, the team of avengers is certain that nothing could go wrong.

Through the hysterical ending, they learn that revenge isn’t always so sweet. Participating students, hometowns and characters are as follows:

Dalton Lamberth, Sharon sophomore, Mason D. Pig; Jace Melton, Guymon freshman, Alfalfa D. Pig; Sara Acosta, Woodward junior, Peg D. Pig; Hanson Long, Waynoka freshman, Gusto; Bretny Harrel, Lawton freshman, Wendy; Brenen Hankins, Alva freshman, Peter; Ashley Knowles, Ashland (Kan.) freshman, Red; Patrick Wilson, Aubrey (Texas) freshman, Boy; Kimberly Ricks, Turpin freshman, Bird; Jordan Lyles, Sapulpa freshman, Cat; Bob Gilliland, Pawnee senior, Grandfather; and Josi Hasenauer, Wallace (Neb.) junior, Granny.