Wellness Center invites members to take swimming challenge

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Wellness Center invites members to take swimming challenge

September 2, 2010

Northwestern Oklahoma State University students, employees and members of the J.R. Holder Wellness Center are challenged to dive into the new school year by signing up for this year’s September Swimming Challenge.

The Swimming Challenge is a 20-day contest that starts Wednesday, Sept. 8, and ends Tuesday, Sept. 28. Participants are challenged to change up their regular exercise routines and swim 20 kilometers by the 20-day mark.

Participants will track their laps on a calendar log that will be kept at the front desk in the Wellness Center. One length equals one time down the pool, which is 25 meters long.

Participants can use any stroke to complete their laps. Swimming stroke information sheets are available to anyone who might need assistance learning how to do strokes correctly.

Swimmers who complete the challenge will be entered in a drawing for a prize. An individual prize will be awarded to the participant who swims the most laps during the event.

Participants can sign up by e-mailing Kaylen Corder, assistant director of the Wellness Center, at klcorder@nwosu.edu.