Employee -- Dr. Sue Diel | Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Employee -- Dr. Sue Diel

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Employee -- Dr. Sue Diel

Dr. Sue DielDr. Sue Diel
Chair of Education Division and Professor of Education
Oklahoma State University, Doctor of Education, Educational Administration
Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Masters of Education, Guidance and Counseling and BA in Ed in English Education

Sue Diel has taught at Northwestern for 13 years and enjoys it immensely.

“When I left to teach in another state, I realized that I missed just about everything at Northwestern," she said. "There is a collegiality among the faculty, a respectful attitude from the students, and a desire for learning that is evident within the faculty and the students. I was so thankful that I could come back home to Northwestern to teach."

“Northwestern is a very supportive educational environment. Students, faculty, and staff work together, laugh together, and support one another in whatever we do.”

Sue’s hobbies include reading, watching all sports, but especially football, wrestling, baseball and basketball. She enjoys spending time with her family and going to New York City with her girls. She has two daughters and two sons-in-law. All of them have graduated or attended Northwestern.

“I am very proud of their accomplishments,” Sue said, “and I firmly believe they are successful because of their education here at NWOSU! I also have a grandson, Dallas, who will be a Ranger in 18 years… I hope!”

Color: red
Music: rock-n-roll
Music artist: Harry Nielson
Book: Savage Inequalities
Food: chocolate
Movie: Christmas Vacation
TV show: Grey’s Anatomy
Actor/Actress: George Clooney

Q: What does being a Ranger mean to you?
A: I have attended and taught in several different universities, and I have never experienced anything like the “Ranger Pride” that is demonstrated here at NWOSU by faculty, staff and students! Others have commented on that unique characteristic, but no one can fully understand it until you have experienced it! You can see this pride in the academic arena, the drama and musical productions, as well as the athletic events. NWOSU is the PRIDE of Northwest Oklahoma!

Q: If you had a chance to tell a prospective student why they should choose Northwestern, what would you say? What would be your compelling short speech?
A: You will find at Northwestern a caring attitude from faculty, staff and from other students. You can be a part of a quality education and have fun while reaching the goal of being a college graduate.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Northwestern?
A: I know this sounds corny, but I can’t think of just one favorite thing, I like it all!

Q: If you needed to describe Northwestern through the use of adjectives or phrases, what would you say?
A: NWOSU is a place “where everyone knows your name.”… A caring atmosphere… challenging.