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Our Previous Trips

"All the world is a book and those who do not travel, read but one page." --St. Augustine

Some things you'll never forget

NWOSU's Study Abroad program is a once in a lifetime learning opportunity. Students not only get to take a fascinating course on the country they're visiting but they'll get to experience the lessons for themselves. Many students comment that the trip and the things they've learned will never be forgotten. Here are a few memorable lessons from previous trips:

  • learning the history of the Wales' flag atop Snowden Mountain (UK 2012)
  • discussing the Irish fight for independence in the post office that served as the "headquarters" of the Irish rebellion--complete with bullet holes (UK 2012)
  • why wealthy Englishmen and Americans took the "grand tour" from a balcony overlooking the streets of Rome (Italy & Spain 2014)
  • discussion of class distinctions and how someone became a gladiator in ancient Rome from the third floor of the Coliseum (Italy& Spain 2014)
  • the significance of flamenco dance to Spanish culture while attending a live flamenco performance (Italy & Spain 2014)

To be clear, though, every year we have travelers join our trip that aren't taking it for course credit. That's fine too! We welcome anyone interested in joining one of our Study Abroad trips to email the appropriate faculty member or fill out the form below to join our email list.