Studio Art Program

Studio Art Program

Studio Art Mission Statement:

Coursework for the Minor in Studio Art degree is designed to enrich the life of the student artist through the development of cognitive, affective, and manual skills in observation, expression, and production. The study and production of visual art at Northwestern are viewed both as ways of accessing knowledge in other disciplines and as worthy endeavors in themselves.

Students are encouraged to view the making of art as the development of a skill set that can be an effective and often novel way of exploring the world around them. Students are then expected to use their artwork as an instrument for clearly and effectively communicating their place in that world. This is to be considered a lifelong process.

The program is conducted in keeping with the belief that visual literacy is a valuable quality in a modern citizen and with respect for the continued relevance of drawing and painting in our society. Upon completion of the program, the student will have developed an understanding of the pictorial tradition that forms the basis for modern visual culture. Skills cultivated as a studio art minor will prepare the student for advanced study in the visual arts and for entry into professional artistic employment.

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Kyle Larson
Assistant Professor of Art
Director of Studio Art
(580) 327-8108
Jesse Dunn Art Annex, Office 326-B

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