Students in local broadcast chapter receive award from annual conference

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Students in local broadcast chapter receive award from annual conference

April 14, 2016

Victoria Schnaufer

Victoria Schnaufer, Boise City junior (pictured), was presented the award for her and Hooker senior Michael Collins’ work titled “Pepsi Man” for first place in the 60-second Radio Commercial category at the Student Day awards portion of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters conference.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s local chapter of Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association (OBEA) returned with an award from the annual Student Day Awards conference hosted by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters (OAB) that took place in Tulsa at the Hard Rock earlier this month.

Victoria Schnaufer, Boise City junior and secretary of OBEA, partnered with Michael Collins, Hooker senior and president of OBEA, to create an assignment for a mass communication class that was eventually entered into competition.

Schnaufer and Collins took first place in the 60-Second Radio Commercial category for their work titled “Pepsi Man.”

“I was still getting used to the radio equipment when we were supposed to create the assignment,” Schnaufer said. “I asked for Michael Collins’ help. He was showing me how to use the equipment, and we eventually ended up making an award-winning commercial!”

Collins recalls hours of brainstorming with Schnaufer before an idea stuck.

“I never thought it was going to win an award by any means,” Collins said. “But the fact it did is huge. It’s pretty cool how the idea came by an accidental spark of creativity, and we rolled with it. [Schnaufer] provided some voice acting, and I used my radio talent to make different voices. In the end it was a quirky, funny thought that became fun and interesting.”

The original homework assignment was submitted upon the recommendation of Matt Adair, instructor of mass communication at Northwestern.

“I know I speak for the entire communication department when I say we are proud of Tori and Michael for earning their first place award,” Adair said. “Students, like Michael and Tori, who join the mass communication program at Northwestern get the opportunity to discover their creative talents, explore their interests and eventually learn to grow their skills into careers.”

Along with the award ceremony, the OAB conference participants take place in attending lectures from motivational speakers, sessions created to enhance students’ knowledge going into their specified field and a job fair with radio and television stations looking to recruit new talent after graduation or for those seeking an internship.

Collins was unable to attend the conference to receive the award due to an opportunity to intern with the Final Four in Houston, Texas. Typically, mass communication majors take their internships within the latter part of their degree programs.

“It’s great being in a leadership position,” Collins said. “Being the OBEA president this past semester I really wanted to lead by example. I want to show others that if you are just dedicated to learning, you don’t have to be an expert to submit great work. You just have to have a solid idea and roll with it.”

Collins emphasizes to upcoming members of the program to have self-confidence and not be afraid to submit any work to the conference.

OBEA local chapter advisers are Adair and Instructor of Mass Communication Allison Zimmerman. Mass communication majors who attended the conference were Schnaufer; Cody Rader, Alva senior; Joselyn Gonzales, Medford senior; Adriana Becerra, Patterson, California, junior; Melissa Noland, Coffeyville, Kansas, sophomore; and Haylee Bates, Woodward junior.

For more information about Northwestern’s mass communication program or the local OBEA chapter contact the department interim chair and assistant professor of speech Tamara Brown at (580) 327-8429 or