Student Teacher Spring Semester Application Information

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The Student Teaching Semester applications, for Spring 2010, are available online at . Candidates who meet the criteria to complete their Student Teaching need to fill out the application and submit the required paperwork listed on the application.

In order to Student Teach, the following criteria is needed:

1) Be admitted into the Teacher Education Program (Includes passing OGET)
2) Have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in Degree Major area and Professional Education courses.
3) Meet the foreign language proficiency
4) Have a passing OSAT score for Degree area.
5) Have Benchmark 3 reviewed by Teacher Education Advisor before enrolling in the block semester.
6) All coursework for graduation successfully completed, (including correspondence, arranged classes, removal of incompletes, and any other relevant graduation requirements).
7) Request an updated degree audit/checksheet for the application.

Completed applications may be sent to Dr. Martie Young, Enid campus, or Dr. Beverly Warden, Alva campus. The application indicates an Oct. 15, 2009, due date, but because of Fall Break, the applications will be due Oct. 25. For further questions, please check with your Teacher Education Advisor.