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Student Housing

Northwestern Oklahoma State University has four residence halls – South and Fryer for women, Coronado and Ament for men -- designated for single-student housing that offer great atmosphere and student camaraderie. Living on-campus is required for incoming freshmen at Northwestern.

Coronado Hall houses the cafeteria that students in all four residence halls share. It offers three meals a day, Monday through Friday, and two meals a day on Saturday and Sunday. Students may use their meal cards at both the cafeteria and Student Center Food Court.

Meal plans also are available for students living off-campus.

All residence halls are within easy walking distance of any facility on campus. You may choose from double-occupancy or private rooms which may be decorated to suit your personality.

The majority of the rooms are arranged in three-room suites. This system affords you great privacy and allows for private shower and restroom facilities. Each hall offers vending machines, TV lounges, ice machines, microwaves, free laundry facilities, heat and air-conditioned rooms and recreational areas. Cable TV and high speed Internet services are provided; however, the students must supply their own TVs and computers. Private phone line jacks area available; however, the students are responsible for securing local service, paying their bills and supplying their phone. Food service is included in each housing contract. You may dine at either of two on-campus locations: Coronado Cafeteria or the Student Center Food Court.

National magazine says Northwestern offers nation's most affordable campus living

U.S. News and World Report has reported that Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers the nation’s most affordable room and board for students living on campus.

Northwestern’s cost of $3,700 for room and board is the lowest in the country for four-year universities and encourages students who are looking to cut college costs to consider choosing colleges with low room and board costs.

The figure of $3,700 is based on a semi-private room with 19 meals per week.

Affordable room and board help make Northwestern a great college value. One year of resident tuition (30 credit hours), fees, room and board total $7,670 per year.

The magazine has told Northwestern administrators it also is considering adding Northwestern to its list of the nation’s best bargain schools and has requested photographs of the university.

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Residence Hall Life

Research shows that academic success and student-involvement are significantly enhanced by living on campus.

For more info, contact Shane Hansen at (580) 327-8418.