Northwestern student designs school logo for Texas college

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Northwestern student designs school logo for Texas college

Charlie BurnsMarch 9, 2009

Northwestern Oklahoma State University usually is very busy working on its own image and community to improve itself. However, once in a while, Northwestern will make a lasting impact on other schools and communities.

Charlie Burns, Sayre junior, did just that when he designed the logo for the Greater Kerrville Center of Alamo Community Colleges in Kerrville, Texas.

This institution works directly with the workforce in the greater Kerrville area to educate people and put them back into the community and workforce. It specializes in workforce training along with general education courses. The Center targets high school students in the area who want to quickly join the workforce within the greater Kerrville area and to keep them and promote community retention.

Burns’ aunt works for the college and had mentioned to him over Christmas break they were working on a new logo. When school resumed in the spring, Burns was assigned in one of his classes to redesign a logo for a group or organization of his choice. Remembering what his aunt said, he designed a logo for the Kerrville Center.

“Their logo was very temporary and outdated, and I wanted their logo to seem as professional as the education they provide,” Burns said.

Greater Kerrville logoHe began by trying to find the correct font and then called for opinions from people working for the greater Kerrville area on what graphics they wanted to use.

“It was quite a journey,” Burns said, “to find [something] that would represent the institution well.”

After designing several options, he sent them back to his aunt, who put them up on her personal bulletin board and waited for reactions.

“Upon the supervisor seeing the logos, they instantly chose what they thought best represented the school,” Burns said. “All other faculty, staff and community members loved the design. They couldn’t wait to see it displayed for their school.”

After Burns’ logo was selected, Dr. Jo Tucker, director of Workforce Administration and Special Projects at Alamo Community Colleges, e-mailed Dr. Janet Cunningham, Northwestern president, telling her how happy they were a student from Northwestern devoted his time to help them create their new logo, and that he showed not only talent, but real leadership by stepping up and solving their problem.

“To make a long story short, today we have a logo we love, all thanks to Charles Gregory Burns,” Tucker said.

President Cunningham replied to Tucker saying she was very pleased to know that Burns had done this for their school and was glad he impacted their campus in such a positive way.

“Northwestern is very proud of him,” Cunningham said.

Burns was very happy they accepted his design and were willing to appreciate his work.

“I feel very privileged to be able to make such a mark on the history of their institution,” Burns said.