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Student - Carrie Bowers

Carrie BowersCarrie Bowers
: Cherokee, Okla.
Major: Nursing
Classification: Sophomore

"Northwestern is my home," said 2012 Miss Northwestern Carrie Bowers.  "It’s a university that challenges me to live life to the fullest and achieve what I am capable of. Northwestern is my key to success."

"Being able to earn my degree at Northwestern means so much to me," said Bowers. "I know I have made the best choice possible in choosing my university. When I finally walk across the stage and receive my diploma I’ll know that because of Northwestern I will be the most prepared I could be for my job."

Bowers could go on and on about why Northwestern is the best university. First of all, she believes a student cannot live on campus at any other college in the nation cheaper than they could at Northwestern. Along with affordability there are amazing education opportunities.

“For me, the nursing program is a huge draw,” Bowers said. “I can become a registered nurse in a little over four years, get the best education possible and get that education at an affordable rate.”

The term “pay it forward” comes to mind when Bowers thinks of her career choice.

“Growing up I experienced all of my grandparents passing away in hospitals,” she said. “When family cannot be there, nurses are all the patients have.  I want to bring comfort and love to those like my grandparents.  So, ‘paying it forward,’ I believe, comes with being a nurse.”

Another selling point for Bowers is being able to enjoy the community. She came from a small town and growing up in Cherokee she always knew she would be supported in whatever she did. She feels this same connection in Alva.

“The people look out for each other,” she said. “It is nice to know I will be taken care of in Alva.”

Bowers has never been a stranger to Northwestern.  Her parents both attended Northwestern.  She also has one sister, Sabrina, who works in the Office of Graduate Studies at Northwestern and another sister, Blythe, who currently is working on her degree.  She said that by growing up in Cherokee (a long and grueling twenty minutes away) she had heard of the University once or twice. 

“Having family members attend Northwestern did help me decide that Northwestern was the right university for me,” she said.

As a sophomore at Northwestern, she holds the title of Miss Northwestern 2012.  But if she were to tell of her true successes at Northwestern, it would begin her freshman year. 

“I came to Northwestern hoping to learn about myself and boy, did I learn about myself,” Bowers said.  “I have flaws, too many to count, and they were put under a microscope when I came to college.  I had to learn self-worth and self-confidence all over again, build up my relationship with God and find out who I really wanted to be.   It was tough, but the challenges were well worth it.  My success at Northwestern has been becoming the young woman I am and strive to be every day.”  

By attending Ranger Preview in the fall of her senior year, she received a $400 scholarship just for walking in the door.  Other scholarship opportunities that Bowers has taken advantage of are working in the recruitment office as a student worker and winning the title as Miss Northwestern.

During Freshman Connection she had the chance to meet with the nursing staff and plan the next four years of her college career. 

“I always love enrolling, getting more credits and getting closer to my goal of becoming a nurse,” Bowers said.  “Freshman Connection, for me, was a huge help and an exciting time.”

Bowers says that all of her classes have taught her even more that hard work is all it takes to make the grade.  In a particular class, Leadership in Business with Ms. Karen Sneary, she truly realized that she possessed the qualities to become a leader.

“Being a Ranger means I am a leader.  Northwestern Oklahoma State University is a University of leaders.  But standing out and being a leader is not all it means to be a Ranger.  When I clap along to the fight song, I cannot help but smile because I know I am one voice in a cloud of Rangers.”

It wasn’t until she started college that she realized all the other amazing opportunities that Northwestern has to offer.  

“Northwestern is a hidden treasure, overlooked by many, but the students who do choose this University know exactly what I mean,” she said.

“Northwestern is my home and it is a perfect fit.”


When Bowers is not focusing on her nursing studies, she enjoys scrapbooking and watching the newest movies. She also enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews.

"Chism, Colby, Autumn and Kenzie are so much fun," she said.

She is a member of National Scholar Ambassadors (NSA) and Young College Republicans. She participates in these organizations because she wants to build upon her leadership skills.

"There are many activities I have participated in including The Bid Event and Powder Puff football. These activities allow me to get to know other students as well as provide a positive stress relief from homework," Bowers said.

One of the most important leadership roles she has obtained is the role as Miss Northwestern. She will represent the University at the Miss Oklahoma Pageant in June.

Other activities that are close to Bowers' heart are Kids against Hunger, being an Oklahoma Blood Institute volunteer and participating in Relay for Life. She also reads to the pre-kindergarten class at Washington Elementary.

One piece of advice from Bowers: “I would encourage new students to attend as many campus events as they can.”


Movie: Sleepless in Seattle

TV show: What Not to Wear

Actress: Reese Witherspoon

Color: Blue

Book: 5 Love Languages

Type of music: I listen to it all

Group/singer: Kristin Chenoweth

Season: Spring

Drink: Sassy Water: Water, lemons, cucumbers, mint leaves

Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Pet: Fish

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Toy as a Child: Kitchen set

Favorite Car: The one that's paid for!

Favorite Flower: Hydrangea

Favorite Day of the Year: December 25

Favorite inspirational quote: "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are and your reputation is merely what others think you are." -John Wooden