Strategic Planning Assumptions 2016-2021

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Planning assumptions are statements of projected institutional conditions and important as a base for planning.

Human Resources

  • The number of full-time faculty will remain constant.
  • The demand for qualified adjunct faculty may increase.
  • The ability to recruit and retain top-choice qualified faculty and staff will become more difficult in the projected budget climate.

External Funding

  • Private financial support and grants will become increasingly important in fulfilling the mission of the University.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • The student profile should remain constant over the next five years.
  • The demand for online courses will continue to increase.
  • The methods for delivering courses, including technology improvements in ITV, will continue to change.
  • The University will expand co-requisite remediation.
  • The University will remain committed to serving students of varied academic backgrounds.
  • Students will require additional support services to meet academic goals.
  • The University must improve retention and graduation rates.

Enrollment Management

  • Enrollment will stay near current levels through 2020.
  • The number of non-resident students will continue to grow.
  • The number of international students will continue to grow.
  • Enrollment in online courses will continue to grow.
  • Enrollment levels are dependent upon the continuance of the Alva Incentive Program.
  • Enrollment challenges will continue at additional locations.
  • Affordability will remain a competitive advantage for Northwestern.
  • Northwestern must improve on-campus housing.

Financial Resources

  • State funding for Northwestern will remain flat or decrease through 2020.
  • Funds generated from tuition and fees will remain the primary driver of the University‚Äôs budget.