Statistics - Alcohol/Drug Abuse

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On average, per year:
• 1,825 students die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries
• 599,000 students are unintentionally injured under the influence of alcohol
• 696,000 students are assaulted by another student who has been drinking
• 97,000 students are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape
• 400,000 students had unprotected sex
• More than 100,000 students report having been too intoxicated to know if they consented to having sex
• About 25% of students report academic consequences of their drinking
• More than 150,000 students indicate that they tried to commit suicide within the past year due to drinking or drug use
• 3,360,000 students drive under the influence of alcohol
• About 5% of students are involved with the police or campus security as a result of their drinking
• 31% of college students met criteria for a diagnosis of alcohol abuse

For more information on these and other related statistics, visit the College Drinking Prevention website: