Staff Council Minutes 9-6-13

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Staff Council Minutes 9-6-13

Staff Council Committee
September 6, 2013 – 2:00 PM
Alva – IE129; Enid – 220; WW – 147
Minutes by: Brooke Palmer, Secretary

Call to order: 2:00 p.m.

Present: Beard, Emilee; Lane, Erica; Miller, Natalie; Ogg, Jason; Palmer, Kathryn (Brooke); Ruback, Janessa; Stewart, Rachel; Warren, Teri; Washington, David, Durham, Chauncey, presiding.

Absent: Penner, Diane; Phillips, Linda.

1. Campus Kudos: Minutes from last year: (April 18th) As suggested, a story will be written up to remind employees of the purpose of Campus Kudos and Staff Council. It also will mention the idea of nominating people year-round. An email should also be sent to deans/chairs to encourage nominations.
This is usually done by semesters. Chauncey suggested aiming for the middle of October. Nomination form online, but Natalie is unsure of whose email it is connected to.

2. Orientation evaluation results: Chauncey asked if all members received results from the orientation survey. Most staff did not receive the results, so Chauncey read them to the council. The comments were excellent and satisfactory. The main problems were lack of notification and needing a bag to carry all of the paperwork and informational sheets. Some comments: “The feedback was positive, the handouts were great and the campus tour was very helpful.” One suggestion was to do an orientation more than once a year. Rachel suggested we wait until January, contact HR and see how many new staff members we have in the spring and decide from there. If we have enough new staff, possibly do a mini staff orientation with whichever staff members could help. Natalie suggested keeping the handouts in a central location, so new staff members can have those as a referral.

3. Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Schroeder visit: Dr. Schroeder and Dr. Cunningham discussed accreditation and the importance of accreditation to this institution. If Northwestern were not accredited, there would be no financial aid, no transferable hours, and it insures quality in all areas. We are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and every 10 years, the university does a self study, or report, and provides evidence to back up what is put into the self study. This is so the HLC can see if the university is meeting all of the requirements. There will be things found that we cannot improve, but the self study is for us to find what can be improved before they do and have a plan in place.
The HLC will be on campus April 7-9, 2014. They will go into offices, visit with any staff or faculty, and possibly go into the community. After assessing the self study, they will decide if the university is cleared to stay accredited or not. After this visit, NWOSU will be switching to a new program where the HLC is more involved. Documentation will be sent on a yearly basis and they will visit the campus every three years

Several sub committees have worked on the writing portion for about a year. The edits are being made into one document. There is also a design committee that is developing the small elements for the self study (cover, dividers, etc…). This will be submitted as a PDF document. The campaign and promotion committee has also worked on ideas that are implemented and to come on campus. These posters, flyers, and other promotional items are used for informational purposes. Ranger Connection is discussing accreditation with the students and Assessment Day will be linked with accreditation. Credit for Credit (C4C) is the new slogan for this campaign; this shows that students taking classes here will get credit for the credits they are taking. Prizes will be given with drawings on social media.

Institutions will be paired together to assess each other and get better ideas of how the other runs. There is an agenda, but they HLC can set their own schedule while on campus.

Staff Council needs: Dr. Cunningham asked if there were anything that the staff needed, such as training on a regular system or internet. She also suggested a possible Training Committee and online free webinars for those who could not participate in staff development. Our goal as a council is to try to identify some things the staff would like to be educated on and have an ear of for anything that needs attention, or if an issue arises.
The Staff Council is also a group for the administration to come to before a decision is made (example: days off for holidays and summer hours). Chauncey has not had any issues brought to her. Dr. Cunningham thanked each staff for serving.
Also, the Regents are coming to Alva this week. Charlie Babb, the General Counsel for the Regional University System of Oklahoma, will be on the Alva campus Thursday, September 12th to give a briefing titled “Respectful Workplace.” The presentation will pertain to promoting, encouraging, and maintaining a civil work environment. Topics covered will include unacceptable harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. The session will be held inCarter Hall 205 at 10:30 a.m.All ITV studios are busy at this time; therefore, the presentation is only available on the Alva campus. Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged for this training opportunity.

4. Fall event: Chauncey suggested doing a different event for the staff and faculty. She suggested a can good drive throughout each campus, possibly the staff versus the faculty. At the end, each campus would donate their goods to a charity or food bank. Rachel suggested doing this event after homecoming and the accreditation. This could be planned for two to three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. An email reminder would be distributed each week. In Alva, boxes would go into Janessa’s office, Brooke’s office, the EC building and Herod Hall and possibly the library. Boxes would need to go into buildings with supervision. Chauncey suggested the winner gets “bragging rights.”

5. Other: Website has been updated with new picture.

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