Staff Council Minutes 8-24-09

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Staff Council Minutes 8-24-09


Staff Council Executive Committee

August 24, 2009 ** 9:03 a.m.


Present:          Denise Bay, Angela Case, Lisa Herning, Natalie Miller,           

                      David Washington      

Absent:           Rita Castleberry, Karli Greenfield, Fawn Kingcade, Lindsey Weber


Brad Franz came and spoke to the Staff Council committee members in regards to designating three parking spots on the West side of the horse shoe for student visitors.  These three spots would be designated for any prospective students who would be on tour of the campus, testing, and/or taking care of business on campus for enrollment purposes.

Mr. Franz recommends posting readable and recognizable signs that could easily be noticed for prospective students/parents and or visitors.  The parking spots would be reserved for visitors from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and then open up to any one after 5:00 p.m.  Mr. Franz feels this would be beneficial to NWOSU and would make future parking for visitors a lot more accessible for getting around campus.      


The committee voted that this would be beneficial for the campus and would be sending Mr. Franz an email to let him know that the committee supports his idea. 


Valarie Case from University Relations took a picture of Staff Council 09’.  Valarie noted that she would be sending the picture to Denise so she will be able to add it to the staff council web page.


Campus Kudos:

To Do:

            Committee agreed that the campus kudos needs to be a small recognition so that it

            doesn’t take away or compete with the Thelma Crouch Staff Award.  The committee

            agreed that eligible staff members may be nominated for this award if they achieved

one or more of the following areas: Makes a difference to NWOSU and/or members of the campus community, goes above and beyond expectations, excels as a team player,

            strives to bring out the Ranger “Spirit” in others.   


            Committee agreed to honor the employee by having a photo in the NW Newspaper/Staff

            Council website and providing them of a certificate acknowledging their achievements

            signed by Dr. Cunningham.


            Natalie will make a final draft of Campus Kudos and email all members the revised copy. 


New Staff Orientation:

    To Do:

            Lisa wanted to get every ones feelings on how the new staff orientation went and

            David purposed to make sure the list of new staff gets doubled checked and

would like to see if there’s away to get Human Resources to run a report on just new staff for that time period. 


Natalie announced that she’s gotten a few forms back but not all of them have been returned by all new staff.  Many members thought having the staff fill the forms out before they left from orientation would work out better on getting them returned.


David recommended having the Enid and Woodward campus’s have their own orientation for new staff.  This would give the new staff a chance to meet certain coworkers they would run into more often then at the Alva campus.  Angelia suggested having them come over for half a day and not do the campus tour since it doesn’t pertain to them as much.  



Staff Council Website

     To Do:

Denise will get with Lisa to do website training for the staff council webpage. 


Angelia mentioned possibly having Valarie Case adding staff council minutes to her mass newspaper email and also keeping it on the webpage.  This would eliminate sending it out as a mass email each time there are updated minutes.  Committee members thought this was a good idea and further discussion will take place at a later date.


Staff Council and Events:


Lisa asked committee if staff council would like to through a staff/faculty softball or basketball game this year.  David thought softball sounded good but would have to pay close attention to time since there will be no lights.  Denise recommended that doing a softball game in the spring would be good and Lisa suggested getting with Mark to see if he would be doing any staff/faculty event and if so, possibly having staff council help out.  Further discussion will be brought up in next meeting.           



A date was set for the next Staff Council meeting; September 21 at 9:00 in the Fine Arts - 229 


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.





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