Staff Council Minutes 7-14-09

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Staff Council Minutes 7-14-09


Staff Council Executive Committee

July 14, 2009 ** 9:05 a.m.


Present:          Denise Bay, Angela Case, Karli Greenfield, Lisa Herning, Natalie Miller,           

                      David Washington      

Absent:           Rita Castleberry, Fawn Kingcade, Lindsey Weber


Lisa introduced David Washington and Denise Bay new to the committee.


New Staff Orientation

To Do:

Committee voted that August 7, 2009 would be the date set for New Staff Orientation.


Lisa will take updated version of the New Staff Orientation to David Pecha to see if he could contact the departments on the list.  Once this has been done, a note to supervisors and the invitations to new staff to attend the orientation should come from the Staff Council.    Lisa will contact speakers to see if August 7th will work for all them as well.


A decision was made based on the years served as an employee at NWOSU to not offer and invitation to orientation to the following staff:  Janet Haight, Gisele Jackson, and Angela Veley.  


Lisa will work on sending out the agenda for orientation to all committee members

via email and paper copy. 


Angela noted that enough time needs to be given for Leroy Burk’s presentation during orientation.


           Committee voted on serving pizza and soft drinks again for lunch.  Karli will contact both

           Pizza Hut and Gambino’s to work out a deal on the pizzas.  Lisa offered to bring a nice




    To Do:

            Committee discussed any possible corrections that needed to be made to the by-laws

           before taking it to David Pecha and Dr. Cunningham.


            Committee decided that in Article II Sec. F: Terms, Chair needs to have

           “initially” taken out of the by-laws.  Also in Sec. F: Terms for Secretary

and  Members needs to have “Elected in Odd years” and “Elected in even years” reworded. 


David Washington will email the committee a copy of the Library By-Laws so the committee can have a copy for discussion in our next meeting on the possibility of changing our terms for members.             


Recommendation for annual potluck picnic

    To Do:

Committee motioned that having a potluck picnic was a great idea and a good change but needed to wait until next year before beginning if it get’s approved by the Senior Staff. 


Natalie moved that for the annual picnic the bank (CNB) supply monies for the meat, chips, and drinks, and employees and faculty bring a side dish.  Denise seconds the motion; the motion carried unanimously.  Lisa will send the recommendation to Mr. Pecha.


Recommendations for staff council getting more active with staff

     To Do:

David Washington suggested having an “employee of the month/tip of the hat” to be published in the Northwestern News. 


Angela Case suggested going around to each department and “changing clocks” forward/backwards on daylight savings. 


Lisa recommended having a Staff Council page on the website


Lisa suggested bringing in speakers for staff throughout the year.        


Lisa will send all the recommendations to Mr. Pecha.



A date was set for the next Staff Council meeting; July 27 


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.




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