Staff Council Minutes 7-13-2013

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Staff Council Minutes 7-13-2013

2013-14 Staff Council Committee
Staff Council Meeting July 17, 2013
Minutes by Secretary, Brooke Palmer

Members Present: Chair: Chauncey Durham (term 2013-2014), Chair-Elect: Rachel Stewart (term 2013-2015), Secretary: Brooke Palmer (term 2013-2014), One-Year Member: Emilee Beard (term 2013-2014), Past-Chair: Natalie Miller (term 2013-2014), Enid Member: Jason Ogg (term 2013-2015)

Absent: Two-Year Member: Teri Warren (term 2012-2014), Two-Year Member: David Washington (term 2013-2015), Two-Year Member: Erica Lane (term 2013-2015), Two-Year Member: Janessa Ruback (term 2013-2015), One-Year Member: Diane Penner (term 2013-2014), Woodward Member: Linda Phillips (term 2013-2015)

Introductions - Staff members introduced themselves, their positions, and their years on staff council.

Staff Orientation:
Staff Orientation will take place on August 8, 2013. Chauncey has heard from some of the presenters, but not all have confirmed for the day. David Pecha will be gone and has assigned someone to introduce his portion. Steve Valencia will fill in for Ted Robinson, who will also be absent. The Fine Arts Conference Room needs to also be confirmed for a 10:00 am reservation. Natalie will email Janessa to reserve the FA room.

Van Reservation/Travel Request:
Once an updated head count is given, Rachel Stewart will do the van request and can also drive.

Lunch will be provided for new staff members, administration, and staff council members. Once Natalie Miller has a confirmed number and list for lunch, Chauncey will get reservations and confirm the conference room with Myra. Dr. Cunningham will be joining the staff council for lunch. Chauncey will request a new list of members on Monday and also send an email to those planning on attending the orientation in order to receive an updated count.

The Public Relations office will also need to be notified (Haley Smith) to take pictures for the day.

Online Evaluations:
Last year Valarie Case helped set up survey and sent out links to the attendees’ emails. Valarie said she would also help upload the minutes to the webpage.

Meeting: The next Staff Council meeting will be scheduled in September to go over new things for the upcoming year. The council must meet a minimum of four times, according to the bylaws and must also hold two general assemblies (Campus Cleanup, Assessment Day, New Staff Orientation).

Adjourn-4:00 p.m.

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