Staff Council Minutes 4-18-13

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Staff Council Minutes 4-18-13

April 18, 2013, 9 a.m.

Present: Teri Warren, David Washington, Angelia Case, Valarie Case, Chauncey Durham, Erika Birk, Natalie Miller, Charlie Burns and Rachel Stewart. Guest: Larry Brittain.

Campus Clean Up

Bart Coffman has already placed flowers around campus prior to Freshman Connection. Some items to check on may include weeding the flower beds and cleaning the fountain.

At the Greenspace, rake and weed the area if no mulch is provided.

Flowers will need to be purchased and David Washington can check on this item.

Rakes and other tools can be provided by CORE.

David and Angelia will bring ice chests if needed.

Rain date: the decision will be made by Monday at 1 p.m. if the weather will not cooperate.

The group discussed awarding a prize for most filled trash bags. Individual must be present to win and prizes can be sent to Enid and Woodward once a person has been named winner.

Campus Kudos

As suggested, a story will be written up to remind employees of the purpose of Campus Kudos and Staff Council. It also will mention the idea of nominating people year-round. An email should also be sent to deans/chairs to encourage nominations.

Guidelines for Campus Kudos were discussed and changes were voted on. Suggestions include:

• Including ALL staff: part-time, full-time (exempt and non-exempt employees)

• Cannot be a Campus Kudos recipient more than one time within a year’s span. Although an individual can be nominated more than once, they may not receive the award more than one time a year.

A motion was made by C. Burns to change the description of Campus Kudos recipients to include full-time and part-time employee, but exclude faculty and student workers as receiving the Campus Kudos Award. With one nay vote, the motion was still second by A. Case.

Other items

Wendy McManus is the recipient of the Campus Kudos award and will be given a certificate.

A general meeting will be set for the week of May 13.

There were no other items of discussion. Meeting adjourned at 10:07 a.m.

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