Staff Council Minutes 3-8-12

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Staff Council Minutes 3-8-12


March 8, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Present: David Washington, Charlie Burns, Erika Birk, Debbie Skinner, Valarie Case, Natalie Miller and Angelia Case.
Absent:  Stephanie Widick.

Donation of CORE tools
CORE has offered the Staff Council its gardening tools/equipment. After many questions arose such as where would the tools be stored and would Staff Council use them? David offered to speak with Dr. Mackie to gather more information. Then a decision would be made as to whether the group would take the donation.

Campus Clean Up Day
Campus Clean Up Day will be Wednesday, April 25 this year, with a rain date set for Thursday, April 26. Charlie offered to bring some students from the Woodward Leadership Advisory Board over to help with the event.

Lisa’s Vacancy
Since Lisa Zarrella no longer works at Northwestern, the group decided to leave her position vacant until the selection process begins again in the summer. Also, Lisa handled Campus Kudos and David was told the information was given to Angelia when she left. Unfortunately, Angelia was never given that information, so David will investigate this situation.

Assessment Day
Assessment Day is Wednesday, April 4. As in the past, Staff Council volunteers to cover the employee survey portion during the afternoon. Please sign up for a time slot.

There was no discussion of any further business. Meeting adjourned.

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