Staff Council Minutes 11-11-09

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Staff Council Minutes 11-11-09



November 11, 2009 ** 9:00 am


Present:               David Washington, Lindsey Weber, Karli Greenfield, Fawn Kingcade, Angelia Case,

                                Natalie Miller, Lisa Herning, presiding.

Absent:                                Denise Bay


Herning’s meeting with David Pecha:

A.  The parking signs for visiting students have been placed in two spaces in the circle drive.  Mr. Pecha thanked the Staff Council Executive Committee for participating in this recommendation.

B.  Mr. Pecha approved of the revisions to the Staff Council By-Laws with the addition of two changes; clarify that a member of Staff Council is not a participant in Senior Staff; and second, correct his title as listed in the By-Laws. 

C.  Mr. Pecha approved the scheduling of a Microsoft Office training session for employees.  He suggested contacting the NWOSU Business Department Chair initially.  Kingcade will contact Dr. Palmer to ask if faculty would be able to schedule training.  Herning stated that if faculty were unable to scheduled, then she would check with Career Services.  It was also suggested to have a survey on the Staff Council webpage and ask employees what program they were most interested in getting training.

D.  The Campus Kudos form was approved by Mr. Pecha.  Herning stated that the only change will be to designate Denise Bay as the only person to submit the form to and she will distribute to the committee.  Angelia Case will design a certificate for those employees’ who are nominated for Campus Kudos.  Herning stated that she had recently met with the NW News to have an article in the newspaper announcing Campus Kudos and the new webpage.


Other Announcements & Topics


Tuesday, November 17, is the Employee Service Recognition Ceremony.  The committee agreed that this ceremony would be used as one of the bi-annual meetings for Staff Council.  Herning will speak to those present about the items Staff Council has completed and have planned.  Weber agreed to give the same information at the Service Recognition Ceremony on November 18, at the Enid Campus.


Friday, December 4, is the President’s Christmas Party.


Tuesday, December 22, is the Employee Potluck Dinner in Herod Hall.


Herning will check with Joyce Garvie on the number of new employees to see if we need to schedule a New Staff Orientation the first week of January 2010.  If so, she will call a committee meeting in December.


Campus Clean-Up will be on Tuesday, April 20, with a rain date of April 21.  The Spring Reunion Banquet is Saturday, April 24.  Case will schedule on the Events Calendar and create a flier.


The group discussed the possibility of having a Staff and Faculty softball game in the early spring.  Washington will talk to Dr. Mark Davis and get some ideas.




There was no discussion of any further business.  The meeting adjourned at 9:45

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