Staff Council Minutes 1-8-13

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Staff Council Minutes 1-8-13

January 8, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

Present: David Washington, Stephanie Widick, Charlie Burns, Erika Birk, Natalie Miller, Rachel Stewart and Teri Warren.  Guest:  Dr. Cunningham.

Dr. Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham opened the meeting by thanking the Staff Council for all we do.  She used this time to encourage us to continue to keep the lines of communication going between staff and administration.  Dr. Cunningham also mentioned the importance of the upcoming NCA accreditation and the NCAA self-study.  She appreciates our time assisting on these committees.

Campus Kudos

Campus Kudos is given once a semester including fall, spring and summer semesters.  Erika will include previous semester Kudos nominees for each semester in the email for nominations.  Previous semester nominees and current semester nominees will then be voted on.  Kudos only are available to non-exempt, full-time employees.

Erika will check nominations as they come in to ensure explanations are given as to why each individual is nominated.  If there is no explanation, Erika will contact the nominator and ask for one.

It is understood that current Staff Council members are not eligible for Kudos nominations.  Erika will add a statement to the online form stating this information.  Staff Council took a vote to exclude current Staff Council members for Campus Kudos nominations and all attending members agreed.

Fall 2012 semester nominations for Campus Kudos will begin March 4 and end March 8.

Jeans Day

David will work on creating a recommendation for administration asking for Jeans Day.  Items to include in the recommendation are:

·         Details on professional attire;

·         Jeans Day to be held on first Friday of the month;

·         If circumstances call for business attire, first Friday Jeans Day can be continued to the following Friday.

$5 Friday

Natalie emailed Ted with Chartwell’s inquiring about having a $5 Friday lunch discount for faculty and staff in Coronado Cafeteria.  She also talked with David Pecha and he said he would encourage it.  Natalie is waiting for a response from Ted.

Campus Clean Up

Campus Clean Up Day is April 23.

A few concerns were expressed about methods used to better organize how organizations can help with the event.  During past Clean Up days we’ve had a few issues with groups just showing up and not having enough work for each group to complete.  Here are a few suggestions on how to make Campus Clean Up run more smoothly:

·         Make a list of items for “unannounced” groups.  This may include walking around campus picking up trash, washing windows, etc.

·         Make time slots for teams/organizations so that the team/org can help, but maybe in smaller groups.

Natalie will work on an email to send to Jim Detgen regarding supplies and a list of clean up items.

Angelia will need to work on updating the poster as time draws near.

Charlie Burns

Charlie’s status recently has changed from non-exempt to exempt therefore changing his role on the Staff Council committee.  Natalie had visited with Charlie about completing his term and he accepted.  Rachel motioned for Charlie to remain on Staff Council; second by Erika.

There was no discussion of any other business. Meeting adjourned at 11:03 a.m.


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