Speech and Theatre Degree

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Speech and Theatre Degree

Degree Requirements

SCOM 2763Voice & Phonetics3
SCOM 3133Interpersonal Communication3
SCOM 3123Argumentation & Advocacy3
SCOM 3613Small Group Communication3
SCOM 4023Nonverbal Communication3
TCOM 1413Stage Makeup Design3
TCOM 1441Theatre Production I2
TCOM 2503Acting I3
TCOM 3013Hist. of Theatre & Dramatic World Lit. I3
TCOM 3423Principles of Directing3
TCOM 3463Scenic Design3
TCOM 3483Lighting Design3
TCOM 4013Hist. of Theatre & Dramatic World Lit. II3
TCOM 4453Senior Capstone3
TCOM 4423Senior Seminar3
Prescribed Electives6
Total Hours50

Program specific general education requirements: TCOM 2413 - Theatre Appreciation must be taken as a directed elective under “Communication & Humanities” of the general education requirements.

6 hours of electives must be taken from the following courses: ART 1103, ENGL 3103, ENGL 3123, MUSI 1431, SCOM 3213, TCOM 1441, TCOM 3033, TCOM 3101, or TCOM 3862.

*TCOM 1441 must be taken two times for credit and may be taken up to two additional times for credit within prescribed electives.

*TCOM 3101 may be taken up to four times fro credit within prescribed electives. 

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