Speech Pathology - Minor

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Speech Pathology - Minor

Degree Requirements

Several classes are offered on a rotating basis in the speech pathology area. These classes range from the normal development of speech and language, and speech and language correction, to a study of the phonetic alphabet. These classes are intended for students going into the education field, as well as for students who might be interested in pursuing a career in speech pathology.

EDUC 2103 Introduction to Education 3
EDUC 2402 Introduction to Exceptionalities 2
SCOM 1014 American Sign Language 4
SCOM 1113 Introduction to Speech Communication (3)*
SCOM 2763 Voice & Phonetics 3
SCOM 3613 Small Group Communication 3
SCOM 3913 Language & Speech Development 3
SCOM 4733 Communication Disorders 3
ENGL 4173 English Usage 3
Minimum Total 24

* Introduction to Speech Communication is a required general education course

NOTE: National certification to work as a speech pathologist requires a Master's Degree.

Got Questions? Contact Dr. Jesse Schroeder, Department Chair