Softball Rules

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Softball Rules

- Captains are responsible for making sure you have players on your team that will follow the rules. Also the captains are responsible for reading these rules to his or her players.

- If you have any problems with officials or any appeals from a game they can be heard first, by the Director of Intramurals and then taken up with the Dean of Student Services

-University employees are eligible to play

- Must be enrolled in at least 6 hrs of undergrad or 5 hrs of grad (1/2 time-student) each semester to be eligible to play.

- There will be a fee assessed to the manager if team forfeits games.
 a. 1 forfeit - penalty is a warning
 b. 2 forfeits - penalty is a $20 fine
 c. 3 forfeits - penalty is another $20 fine
 d. 4 forfeits - penalty is another $20 fine
 e. 5 forfeits - team will not be allowed to play any more games for the duration of the season.

- There is a $20 team fee that is to be paid with in the first week of play. At the Office of Student Services in F.A. 126.

a. If your team does not pay before you play your team will forfeit games (which forfeit penalties will be assessed) until the team fee is paid.

- Games will be 7 innings or 50 minutes in length. The home plate official will call the game time.

- There will be a 5 run limit per inning except the last inning which is unlimited runs.

- There will be a run rule for the game as well. If any team has any of the following leads during a game then the game will be called: 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, and 10 runs after 5innings.

- Batters will start out with a 1 BALL and 1 STRIKE count.

- If a male is walked and there are two outs, and a female bats behind him, he is allowed second base and she is allowed first base. The male only gets second base in this instance. If the case of a walk with less than two outs or a female not batting behind him then he is awarded first base. This is at the discretion of the female batter. If the female would like to bat then she is allowed to do so. In this case the male is only allowed first base. 

- There must be four females on the field at least one in the outfield, infield, and pitcher or catcher. There may be a female pitching and catching.

- You have to have a catcher.

- In order to bat you have to field.

- If your team has 9 players at some point in the lineup your team must take an automatic out.

- If your team has 8 players at some point in the line up your team must take two automatic outs.

- If your team has 7 players or less, your team will forfeit the game.

- There can be no instances of three males hitting in a row.

- You cannot steal bases or bunt

- When pitching the ball must arch between 6 ft. and 12 ft. The strike zone is at the discretion of the home plate umpire. If he/she feels it broke along your chest area and was a strike then it was a strike. Any excessive arguing will get you kicked out of the game.

- You must slide at any base if it is a close play and if there is an opportunity for a tag. If you do not and the umpire feels you should have then you will be called out.

- If you make any unnecessary contact with an opponent at any base then you will be called out.

- No metal cleats

- The only base that you can run through, after the initial hit, is first base. For a person to be tagged out after running through the base then a movement towards second must be made at the judgment of the umpire.

- You have until 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game to get your players there. Any time after this and you will be forced to forfeit.

- There will be a toss before each game to decide which is the home team. The winner of the toss is the home team.

- A tie does not go to the runner. It is based on the judgment of the umpire.

- Infield Fly Rule - If there are runners on first and second with less than two outs and there is a fly ball hit in the infield (based on the judgment of the umpire) then the umpire will call infield fly. The batter is out and the runners may proceed at their own discretion.

- You cannot drop infield fly balls or line drives on purpose. Once again this is based on the judgment of the umpire. If this is done then the batter will be out however the runners will go back to their previously occupied base.

- The first team you play for is the team you are on. There is no switching teams

- To be eligible for the tournament you must have played in one game during the season for that team. 


Ex-Athlete Rule

- There can be only 4 ex-athletes per team.

a. You are an ex-athlete if you have ever played or are currently a JV, Varsity or redshirt in baseball or softball at any university or college at any time (example baseball 5 years ago at NOC for one game) (or two years ago softball at NWOSU for one year).

b. If you are or ever were on the this year’s baseball or softball roster you are not eligible to play coed softball

c. It can be at the MOST 3 males or 3 females. The 3 ex-athletes that start the game are the only 3 that can play that game. You cannot interchange ex-athletes during the game.

d. If approached about playing softball and baseball according to the rule and the person is not truthful of his or her status then that person will not be allowed back to play coed softball for the season.

e. This rule only affected baseball and softball players, not football, soccer, basketball, etc…players.

g. If you have played any kind of professional athletics, you are not allowed to play coed softball, and this includes minor league baseball.