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Upcoming Events

The Social Sciences Department Annual Lecture Series

Each fall the department will host The Cultural Heritage Lecture Series which will focus on aspects of the Great Plains and Oklahoma history and culture. The department will bring scholars or performances to the Alva Campus which high-light the unique characteristics of regional culture or history. The Cultural Heritage Lecture Series will provide opportunities for the public and campus community to experience programming previously only available in metropolitan communities.

Each spring the department will host The Presidential Lecture Series which will focus on aspects of the American Presidency from Washington to contemporary presidents. Scholars associated with Presidential Libraries, or renowned researchers whose life’s work has centered on a specific president will share their knowledge and experiences with the general public and the campus community.

We hope that these special projects will encourage student participants to consider the importance of pursuing a career in the social science disciplines or public service. Additionally, we expect that all participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the culture of our region and develop a greater understanding of the various facets of the American Presidency. 

Alumni News

Contributing to the Social Sciences Department

Social Science Alumni and members of the general public can support the efforts of the department to continually upgrade programs and create new opportunities for student learning and community involvement by contributing to the Social Sciences Special Project Fund which is managed by the NWOSU Foundation. University funding cannot adequately support special projects for every department. In order for our students and service area communities to have access to the latest in equipment, special programming and content specific applications, it has become increasingly necessary for university programs to reach out for financial support.

We trust that your career and professional life has been built on that solid foundation which was nurtured and developed in your undergraduate program. Those of us who believe in the future of our region and our university need your support to continue a tradition of excellence that began in 1897. The Social Sciences Department has alumni all over the world working in a broad spectrum of careers. Former students serve in the Secret Service, federal and state agencies across the country, are attorneys and special prosecutors, probation and parole officers, correctional administrators, juvenile services professionals, counselors, public school teachers and coaches, university faculty and administrators, political campaign managers and social policy developers, researchers and analysts, bankers, police officers, highway patrol officers, and many have spent their lives in corporate positions.

Regardless of how your professional life has unfolded since graduating from NWOSU, we know that your professional life began in the “Halls of Jesse Dunn”. Please consider contributing to the Social Sciences Special Projects Fund. Your financial contribution will allow us to help future generations “find their path in life” just as we helped you. Our students are the reason we exist and we consider the opportunity to help shape future generations of leaders the greatest of honors. Please feel free to contact Dr. Kay Decker, Chair of the Department, at 580-327-8521 or email at kldecker@nwosu.edu for more information. Your contributions are tax deductible since our fund is managed with the NWOSU Foundation and are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your confidence in our work and know that we can count on our alumni to give back so future students can enjoy the best education possible. Departmental Faculty are happy to talk with you more about our special projects and initiatives.