Social work students attend national conference

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Social work students attend national conference

April 21, 2010

 Social Work students
Northwestern social work students attended the 34th annual conference of the National Association of Social Workers.  Seven students who represented Northwestern included (front row, from left): Michaela Green, (second row) Monique Finley, Anthony Byrd, Kristin Claypole, (third row) Patti Jo Vazquez, Sherie Byrd, (back row) field education director Rae Wilson and Bethany Redman.
Northwestern Oklahoma State University social work students recently attended the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) 34th Annual State Conference held April 11-13, at the University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education. This year's conference centered on "Healing the Nation: Social Worker's Role in Health Care."

Students in attendance were Michaela Green, Shattuck senior; Monique Finley and Kristin Claypole, Enid seniors; Anthony Byrd, Woodward sophomore; Patti Jo Vazquez and Sherie Byrd, Woodward seniors; and Bethany Redman, Goltry senior.

"I am thrilled the Department of Social Work had social work students attend the conference this year,” Kylene Rehder, social work program director, said.

During the conference, students listened to the keynote address by Mike Fogarty. Fogarty is the chief executive officer of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA).

He focused on "HealthCare Reform's Impact on Oklahoma." Students also had the opportunity to attend 24 different workshops addressing a variety of social work skills within different practice settings. They also were able to network with more than 400 social workers from across the state."

"This conference gave me the opportunity to network with social work professionals from all over Oklahoma,” Redman said. “Not only did I gain resources that will be used for my career, I developed valuable professional relationships with social workers."

 Kylene Rehder & Rae Wilson
Northwestern social work faculty members Kylene Rehder and Rae Wilson presented “Domestic Violence: A Universal Issue across Social Work Practice Settings,” during the annual NASW Conference.
Students were accompanied by Rehder and Rae Wilson, social work field education director.

"Northwestern social work students maintained a high profile at the conference this year by volunteering,” Wilson said. “It was gratifying to see students develop professional relationships with social workers, such as authors of their textbooks."

Not only did Rehder and Wilson accompany students to the conference, they also spoke during the event.

"It is always inspiring to expand beyond your own practice setting,” Rehder said.

Their presentation was titled, “Domestic Violence: A Universal Issue across Social Work Practice Settings.” It was designed to enhance the practitioners’ (from beginning through advanced) awareness of domestic violence prevention and treatment through a “community accountability model.”

“Presenting at this year's conference was a revitalizing process and reinforced my strong sense of pride in the profession," Wilson said.

“Our presentation was well received, and we had more than 70 social workers in attendance," Rehder said.