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Social Science Scholarships

The Department of Social Sciences offers several scholarships to students who are majoring in the one of the programs within the department. Those students who have excelled academically are encouraged to complete a departmental scholarship application in January of each year. Scholarship candidates are nominated from all completed applications and are determined by February 15th of each year. The Northwestern Foundation sponsors an awards banquet each spring for those students who have been selected as recipients. Applications are available in Dr. Roger Hardaway's office in Jesse Dunn 319 or you can download it here. Students also must complete a scholarship application from the Financial Aid office. You can call (580) 327-8540 for more details.

Download Scholarship Application

The list of available scholarships includes:

Sabin C. & Pearl Ellen Percefull Scholarship
for one of the Social Sciences

Donovan & Dorothy Reichenberger Scholarship
for one of the Social Sciences

Dr. John C. Sheffield Scholarship
for one of the Social Sciences

Jay Linder Scholarship
for Pre-Law students

Glen Jenlink Scholarship
for Law Enforcement majors and minors

G. W. Nichols Scholarship
for Law Enforcement

Shafer Family Scholarship
for Law Enforcement

R. B. Yadon Scholarship
for Law Enforcement

Additionally, the Northwestern Foundation awards numerous other scholarships for transfer students, campus participation and miscellaneous unspecified scholarships. The Foundation is located in the Student Center Building on the Alva campus. Foundation personnel may be contacted by calling 580-327-8593 or via email to