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Home of Criminal Justice - Corrections and Law Enforcement; Global Studies, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Science Education and Sociology Programs

Department Office: Jesse Dunn 311, NWOSU Alva
Dr. Kay Decker Professor of Sociology and Department Chair

Social Sciences Departmental Main Office is located in Jesse Dunn 311A on the Alva Campus.  The phone number is (580) 327-8111 and the Fax number is (580) 327-8112.  For assistance, please contact Dr. Decker at (580) 327-8521 or email her at  Staff are not available daily at this location, as such, it is best to email or phone Dr. Decker for immediate assistance. 

Social Sciences Faculty
Social Sciences faculty pictured from left to right are (front)
Eric Schmaltz; Kay Decker; Jeff McAlpin; (back) Aaron Mason; Michelle Newton; Roger Hardaway; Kirk Rogers; Ken Kelsey; and Jana Brown.

About the Department

The Department of Social Sciences is a multi-disciplinary department consisting of degree programs in Criminal Justice (Corrections and Law Enforcement), Global Studies, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Science Education and Sociology.  The links on the left will direct you to degree specific information, advisement information, our scholarship program, how to find and contact faculty, and our student organizations within the department.  Information about our Sponsored Program with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is also available.

Our departmental mission is:
To develop resourceful leaders who are prepared to accept the challenges and opportunities which exist in a dynamic global environment by providing interactive and personalized educational and professional opportunities within the classroom and in external learning environments.  We prepare for the future!

Our departmental goals are:

  1. Demonstrate specific programmatic content area knowledge in the field of study.Each graduating student should exhibit well developed communication skills.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and independent problem solving skills.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication skills both in written and verbal form.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to formulate ethical decisions, exercise personal integrity and professional    leadership.

These four goals are comprehensive and demonstrate the abilities/skills/knowledge which all students graduating from a departmental program should exhibit upon graduation.

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    Social Sciences Students Recognized for Awards

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    Social Sciences Department Chair

    Dr. Kay Decker
    Dr. Kay Decker, Ed.D.
    Department Chair and Professor of Sociology
    Jesse Dunn 311B
    (580) 327-8521 or

    Social Sciences Degree Programs

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    Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement and Corrections

    History and Global Studies

    Political Science and Public Administration

    Social Science Education


    Careers for Majors

    Criminal Justice Careers Include:  Police Officer, Highway Patrol Officer, FBI, Secret Service, DEA, Border Patrol, Game Ranger, Park Ranger, Private Security, ATF, OSBI, Narcotics Investigator, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Profiler, Juvenile Affairs Case Worker, Correctional Officer, Corrections Administration, Correctional Case Manager, Gang Liason Officer, Criminologist, Policy Researcher and Analyst, Probation and Parole Officer... and many more.

    History Careers Include:  Teacher, Professor, National and State Park Interpreter, Cultural Resources Manager, Preservationist, Museum Curator, Heritage Tourism Developer, Program Administrator, Lecturer, Researcher, Policy Analyst, Historic Trust Administrator... and many more.

    Social Science Education Careers Include:  Teacher, Professor, Coach, School Administration, Tutor, Mentor, Academic Counselor... and many more.

    Sociology Careers Include:  Teacher, Professor, National and State Park Interpreter, Cultural Resources Manager, Human Resources Manager, Advertising Executive, Policy Analyst, Researcher and Demographer, Juvenile Services Caseworker, Probation and Parole Officer... and many more.

    Global Studies Careers Include:  International Business, Cultural Resources Manager, Global Marketing, Foreign Service Officer, Researcher, Policy Analyst, Professor, Cultural Programs Intrepreter, Heritage Tourism, International Affairs Officer... and many more.

    Public Administration Careers Include:  Government Agency Staffer, Congressional Staffer, Legislative Staffer, City Manager, Community Planner, Grants Officer, Government Contracts Administrator, Regional Economic Development Planner, Demographer, Statistician, Policy Analyst, Researcher, Program Developer and Administrator... and many more.

    Political Science Careers Include:  Policy Analyst, Researcher, Professor, Legal Advocate, Legal Analyst, Political Party Wonk, Government Agency Staffer, Congressional Staffer, Legislative Staffer, Program Administrator, Demographic Analyst, Program Analyst, Attorney (law degree required), Voter Registrar... and many more.

    Students who major in one of the Social Sciences Degree programs often find careers in state or federal agencies.  The application process always begins with a review of existing position announcements which are found on the Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management website or USA Jobs website for federal listings.