Advisement FAQs

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Advisement Guidelines

for Social Science Majors and Minors
  1. All departmental students must have a department full-time faculty member as their advisor.  Departmental faculty are best suited to provide guidance and advice about social science programs.  Further, as a student nears degree completion and the graduate school or job search begins, the social science faculty members can offer the best recommendation and direction.
  2. Students should make an appointment to meet with their advisor prior to the enrollment period for each upcoming semester.  This appointment will allow the student to sit down with their advisor in an unhurried setting to map out degree program work and expected date of completion.  Please get to know your advisor so they can help you accomplish your goals.
  3. Students should print off a copy of the degree program requirements which are located on this departmental website.  Retain this for referencing.
  4. Students should print off a copy of the Degree Program course rotation schedule from the departmental website.  Retain this for referencing.


Print Off A Copy Of The Degree Program Requirements Check List And Keep Track Of Your Courses/Taken and Courses/Needed

Advisement FAQs for Faculty and Students
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