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"As a science major, this class improved my quality of learning at NWOSU because it not only gave me a different perspective on science and how it is performed, but it also gave me experience of working with people. It was nice to be a part of this class because most of the science classes have a lecture and a lab. This class was valuable because it got the students in different communities and allowed us to be around a different group of people who are involved and interested in science. I think that it was not only beneficial for the students of the Science Fair Judging class, but also the students who actually performed the experiments. Giving them a different type of judge (someone who is closer to their age group) puts a different kind of stress on the student and helps them prepare for the pressure that should be put on them in a higher level of competition. This class helped me in the social part of science. I am going into the health field, and other than teaching a few classes to 2nd graders for a zoology presentation, I have not been offered the chance to expand my social skills with people in a science setting. This class has provided that for me and I appreciate that."

-Service Learning student, 2011 Science Fair Judging