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SLICE Committee

Big EventThe SLICE Committee was formed as a standing committee in September of 2005 and meets regularly to address the following charge:

  • Define service learning and civic engagement for Northwestern Oklahoma State University.
  • Define a mission statement for the SLICE committee.
  • Distinguish the characteristics of service learning and how it differs from civic engagement.
  • Explore ways to incorporate the philosophy of service learning and civic engagement into the university's cirriculum and into it's student organizations.
  • Document the activities, in which departments/divisions are currently engaged, that qualify as service learning.
  • Identify ways to ensure departmental buy in.
  • Establish ways to doccument service learning/civic engagement activities.
  • Promote awareness of service learning/civic engagement opportunities.
  • Develop a service learning/civic engagement page on Northwestern's website.

 The contents of the SLICE webpages represent the products of the committee's work.


SLICE Committee Members

Original Members- James Bowen (Chair), Natalie Miller (Secretary), Jo Conceicao, Kathleen Earnest, Terry Nutter, Kristal Randall, Alysson Tucker, Terry Floyd Jr., Chandler Mead, Derek Moore (Student Representative), and Rebecka Fleischman (Student Representative).

Current Members- Bo Hannaford (Chair), Colleen Golightly,Verna Graybill, Jerry Gustafson, Kaylyn Hanson,  Jennifer Page, Jennifer Sattler, Saundra Nigh, Dena Walker & Jordan Evans(Student Representative).