Secular Student Alliance

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The purpose of the SSA is to promote an open environment for discussion free from the contraints that may be applied in a religious environment.  While the SSA is not associated with any religion, it is not an exclusively atheist organization, nor is it anti-theistic in any way.  We welcome people of all beliefs who wish to discuss various topics without fear of judgement.  If the SSA can get a conglomerate of worldviews and opinions in its discussions, the group as a whole can grow in a diversity of knowledge.  The idea of humanism, embracing reason, ethics, social justice, and human morality will be promoted regardless of personal beliefs.  We wish to create an atmosphere of fellowship among all students and community members no matter what they may believe on a personal level.  The SSA will strive to use this feeling of fellowship to do what is best for others and the community through service, campus activities, and outreach programs.

For more information on this club, please contact Dr. Aaron Place at (580) 327-8673 or