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  • Alumni/Staff -- Lizabeth Richey

    Lizabeth RicheyLizabeth Richey is both an alum and employee of Northwestern. She has served as Alumni Director since 2004. She began her career with the Northwestern Foundation and Alumni Association in 1991.
  • Alumni - Nicolle (Rubenstein) Campbell

    Nicolle (Rubenstein) CampbellNicolle (Rubenstein) Campbell was highly involved in both theatre and various aspects of mass communications while attending Northwestern, so after graduating in 1993 with two degrees, she moved to Atlanta to pursue an acting career. She knew that someday, somehow she would find a way to make a living in the field.
  • Alumni -- Scott Plunkett, Ph.D.

    Scott Plunkett, Ph.D.Scott Plunkett, Ph.D., has been a teacher, mentor and advisor of undergraduate and graduate students at California State University, Northridge, for 10 years.