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Science Building

Science Building with new windows after renovationThe Department of Natural Sciences is housed in the Science Building, which was built in 1962-1963 at the same time of construction of the J.W. Martin Library. The Science Building also has an adjacent amphitheater. Cost of the two structures was $940,000. Classes in natural sciences, as well as mathematics originally were taught in the Science Building.

A science learning center with computers and audio-visual equipment was created in 1979-80 on the second floor.

Construction of the Science BuildingNew heating and air-conditioning was installed in 1988 at a cost of $179,192. The building, theretofore, had been heated and cooled in conjunction with the library. Also installed at that time were new lighting and ceilings in the hallways.

The building underwent a major renovation beginning in the summer/fall 2007. The Woodturning and Metal Shop classrooms in the Industrial Education Building were turned into temporary science classrooms and labs during the the Science Building's renovation.

New classroom in Science BuildingThe Health and Sports Science Education Building underwent renovation at the same time. The renovation of both facilities was made possible by a 2005 higher education capital bond issue authorized by the Oklahoma Legislature and Gov. Brad Henry. 

The $3.3 million renovation focused on the redistribution of classroom space and offices and includes six new modern teaching laboratories along with a new roof, windows, doors and mechanical and electrical upgrades.

Students returned to having classes in the Science Building during the Spring 2009 semester. An outdoor public ceremony to celebrate the renovations of both the Science Building and the Health and Sports Science Education building took place on April 24, 2009.

Science Building Photo Gallery

Below are a few photos that show the building's transformation from the early days to today.