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Along with scholarships awarded by the Northwestern Foundation, students in the Communication department have an opportunity to apply for specific departmental scholarships.


The Phil Noah Scholarship has been established to provide worthy incentive and encouragement for students pursuing academic training in the fields of mass communications or public relations.

Selection Criteria

Consideration for selection will include academic merit, leadership, dedication and future goals, which must include a career in public relations or mass communications.

Candidates and Criteria

The selected recipient must be at least a junior or have junior standing by next fall at Northwestern, studying in the fields of mass communications or public relations. The student should have at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average based upon a 4.0 scale.

Selection Procedures

The recipient will be selected by the scholarship committee at Northwestern. Nominations for the award may be made by any faculty member in the mass communications program. The scholarship may be shared with more than one recipient if the scholarship committee deems necessary.


This scholarship was established in 1998 to honor over twenty-eight years of service to Northwestern by Wayne Lane. Former public relations director, Lane is credited with the development of Northwestern's mass communications program. As service to Northwestern and the Foundation, Lane authored the "Centennial History Book" in commemoration of Northwestern's100th anniversary in 1998. This scholarship is awarded to mass communications students who demonstrate personal integrity, dedication to the journalism profession and outstanding performance in the classroom.


This endowment was established in 2001 in honor of Todd Wesley Dayton by his family and friends. Memorial contributions were also given in honor of Todd after the death of his grandfather Leo Dayton. Todd graduated from Pond Creek-Hunter High School in 1991 and in 1996 graduated from Northwestern with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. As a result from injuries received in a two-vehicle crash, Todd died on June 3, 2000. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student majoring in the field of mass communications at Northwestern.


This scholarhship ws established in 2007 in honor of teh parents of Jim and patty Barker for their dedication in the fields of education and mass communication. This scholarship is toprovide financial assistance to an upperclassmen majoring in Education of Mass Communication on the Alva cmapus at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.


This scholarship was established in 2004 in honor of Larry Hammer by his family and friends. The purpose of this scholarship is to proved financial assistance to upperclassmen majoring in Mass Communication at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.


This scholarhsip was established in honor of Judge Dean Linder. This is the Mass Communiation program's newest scholarhip. It will be awarded for the first time in 2013.


Selected recipients are incoming freshmen, sophomores and transfer students.