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  • Student - Carmen Sander

    Carmen Sander“If you have higher expectations for your college experience than just to obtain a degree, Northwestern is the place you want to come,” said 2011 Miss Northwestern Carmen Sander. “You will be given the opportune chance to make wonderful friendships, be involved in exciting activities and grow as an individual as you earn your degree.”

  • Student - Ashlynn Walker

    Ashlynn WalkerBeing a Ranger is more than just saying Northwestern is where you go to school. It’s about belonging to something bigger than you are. Even though we are all individuals, together we make up the institution itself. It’s not about the buildings on campus. It’s about the people who fill them every day.

  • Student - Cali Crissup

    Cali CrissupI want to obtain a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and maintain a 4.0 while at Northwestern. My specific career is still undecided. I have always set goals for myself and worked to achieve them so that my life is fulfilled. I would love to take Kelly Ripa’s place on “Regis and Kelly.” My dream is to be a TV host one day.

  • Student - Amanda Moyer

    Amanda MoyerAmanda Moyer plans to become a doctor and hopes to make a discovery that will lead to a better quality of life for those living with an autoimmune disease. Her own personal life experience has made her truly passionate and curious about the subject.

  • Student - Kelli Krows

    Kelli KrowsFor Seiling senior Kelli Krows, the education program is what attracted her to Northwestern, but being a Ranger was already in her blood. Both of her parents graduated from Northwestern.
  • Student - Madison Malone

    Madison MaloneMadison Malone, an elementary education sophomore from Valley Center, Kan., chose to attend Northwestern because she wanted to go to school out of state and be in an environment where students were connected not only with the campus, but also with the community. Although Malone took 12 hours at Wichita State University while still in high school, she describes Northwestern as her first choice.
  • Student - Jordan Lytle

    Jordan LytleWhile many may not know, Jordan not only owns his own custom harvesting business, but he does custom cattle work as well. He began his business with a 25 year old piece of machinery after his freshman year of college.
  • Student - Sarah Bryant

    Sarah BryantWhen Sarah thinks of Northwestern, she thinks small, personal and close knit. Sarah believes that Northwestern is unique because of its size.
  • Student - Andrew Nicholas

    Andrew NicholasAndrew decided to come to Northwestern because it was someplace he felt like he wouldn’t be just another student. His parents went to college in the Oklahoma City area and most of his friends hadn’t even heard of Northwestern.