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Student - Sarah Bryant

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Student - Sarah Bryant

Sarah BryantSarah Bryant
Mathematics major
San Antonio, Texas, Junior

When Sarah thinks of Northwestern, she thinks small, personal and close knit. Sarah believes that Northwestern is unique because of its size.

“Most other universities I looked at were big universities, and I was not interested in just being a number,” she said.

Sarah was lucky enough to receive a soccer scholarship to attend Northwestern. She thinks it’s a wonderful opportunity because she won’t have to worry about paying off debts after receiving a degree.

Besides being a soccer team member, Sarah has been involved in a variety of activities. She has been active with the math club, Alpha Sigma Alpha, is a Ranger Connector and enjoys being an Academic Success Center tutor.

“I love helping my students make good grades and enjoy math,” she said.

Sarah encourages students to attend Northwestern.

“Northwestern gives you so many great opportunities to do everything you want, and everyone here truly cares about you as an individual,” she said. “Northwestern truly prepares you for your future in whatever it may be!”


“I am a very open person and definitely not shy. I want to work hard, raise a family and spend every minute enjoying life.”

Q: Short story about a favorite class and/or time at Northwestern?
A: “Intramural softball was the greatest time. We won the championship and I had all my close friends playing with me.”

Q: What on and/or off campus activities/events should a student not miss while attending NWOSU?
A: “Never miss class, of course! Also, athletic events, plays and Bahama Breakaway are great ways to be involved.”

Movie: The American President
TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Color: Green
Book: Harry Potter
Type of music/group/singer: Rascal Flatts and Michael Buble
Hobbies: playing soccer
NWOSU Class: Philosophy in Life 

What does Being a Ranger mean to you?
“Being a Ranger is being proud of your alma mater and giving your education everything you’ve got”