Ross earns scholarship, thanks Upward Bound program

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Ross earns scholarship, thanks Upward Bound program

 Jaunita Noble and JonReid Ross
Northwestern freshman JonReid Ross accepts a scholarship award from Upward Bound Director Jaunita Noble on behalf of the Oklahoma Division of Student Assistance. This scholarship will help Ross with the costs of his schooling during his first semester at Northwestern.

After filling out the application, writing two essays and answering numerous questions, Northwestern Oklahoma State University freshman JonReid Ross of Burlington finally heard the news he had been waiting for – the Oklahoma Division of Student Assistance (ODSA) program had awarded him a scholarship to help defray costs at Northwestern for the fall 2013.

“The ODSA Scholarship Committee found your achievements exemplary, and we are very happy to name you as a TRiO scholar,” stated Norman H. Markland, chair of the ODSA Scholarship Committee, in a letter received by Ross.

ODSA is the state organization for the Upward Bound/TRiO programs offered at Northwestern. Ross participated in the Northwestern Upward Bound Math and Science program for four years, which qualified him to apply for the ODSA award.

“It was a lengthy application process where JonReid provided his academic records, listed his community involvement, wrote essays on career goals and the impact that TRiO had on his life,” said Jaunita Noble, director of Northwestern’s Upward Bound program. “We’re so proud of his accomplishments.”

Ross said he knew he always wanted to go to college but didn’t know how to make it possible.

“The Upward Bound, TRiO program at Northwestern helped me a lot, and I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without it, so I’m thankful,” Ross said.

He added that most of the credit for his success is because of the summer session classes and ACT preparation sessions.

Noble said that the program also helps its students with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), college applications and other helpful information in preparation for college.

Northwestern’s Upward Bound programs service high schools in Woods, Alfalfa and Major counties. The program is designed to prepare approximately 100 eligible students, beginning in the ninth grade, for college entry and success. Academic advisers help these students through one-on-one mentoring sessions where students are motivated and encouraged to succeed. Advisers meet with students at their schools twice a month, and students are provided transportation to the Northwestern campus one Saturday a month. Students also spend six weeks on campus during the summer taking classes in mathematics, reading, writing, sciences, foreign language and learning academic/study skills. Students also are exposed to various speakers and cultural field trips and learn about time management.

Noble said that each year the program must show that 75 percent of their participants will have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better at the end of the school year, and 75 percent of the seniors in the program will have achieved at the proficient level on state assessments in reading and language arts. Also, 70 percent of their students in the program will move on to attend college and graduate with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree within six years of graduating high school. Because the program is in its seventh year at Northwestern, Noble said they are now seeing some of their first students closing in on their college degrees.

To learn more about eligibility requirements of students to be in the program or about the program itself, please contact Noble at or (580) 327-8113. More information also is available at