Northwestern announces Rent-A-Text program to help students better afford textbooks

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Northwestern announces Rent-A-Text program to help students better afford textbooks

July 21, 2010

Paying for textbooks became more affordable today at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

Northwestern has announced it will begin offering textbook rental services at its campus bookstore this fall. Rent-A-Text will offer students a rental option on textbooks – savings that represent 50 percent or more off the price of new textbooks.

“We are always looking for options to keep the cost of attending Northwestern as affordable as possible,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president. “For some students, the Rent-A-Text program could result in the savings of hundreds of dollars in textbooks costs.”

Northwestern’s textbook rental program will be available to students in store and online. The program also allows students to choose a preferred form of payment, including financial aid and campus cards; the freedom to highlight and take notes all within the normal wear and tear associated with coursework; and the choice to buy their textbook at the end of the semester if they want to keep the book.

David Pecha, vice president for administration, said nearly 38 percent of Northwestern’s textbook adoptions for the fall semester will be eligible for the Rent-A-Text program. He expects that percentage to rise in future semesters as faculty become more aware of the program.

Rent-A-Text is offered through Northwestern’s ongoing partnership with Follett Higher Education Group. The program is based on Follett’s comprehensive pilot program that saved students nearly $2 million on their course materials in just one semester at seven schools. More than 90 percent of students surveyed who rented textbooks expressed satisfaction with the pilot program.

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While students can order books from  on Aug. 2, the Rent-a-Text option allows students to rent their textbooks NOW! You have to register and open a Rent-A-Text account. To save time and money, sign up for your FREE account at