Ranger Research Day winners announced; two tie for third

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Ranger Research Day winners announced; two tie for third

April 8, 2010

First place winners - Ranger Research Day
Vince Lauderdale, Amanda Moyer and Chrystal Benson 
First place winners

Northwestern Oklahoma State University faculty and students participated in the fourth annual Ranger Research Day on April 2. Students were given awards for first, second and third. This year two research projects tied for third place.

Chrystal Benson, Alva senior; Vince Lauderdale, Woodward senior; and Amanda Moyer, Fargo junior, received the first place award at the conclusion of Ranger Research Day. Their project “Correlation between Brainwave Activity and Work Metabolic Rate,” was sponsored by Dr. Steven Maier, associate professor of physics. For their research, participants were instructed to look at a blank screen while standing, walking and running at specific speeds on a treadmill

 Coleman Teel
Coleman Teel
Second place winner

According to the results, there is a positive correlation between brainwave activity (specifically alpha and beta waves) and gross metabolic rate in humans.

Second place recognition went to Coleman Teel, Harper (Kan.) senior, with his project titled “Predator Odors as a Potential Repellant for Snakes.” Dr. Aaron Place, assistant professor of biology, sponsored Teel. Teel carried out two experiments to measure the response of neonate garter snakes to the odor of fox urine. After research was performed, Teel found there is a clear indication of avoidance to the odor of fox urine. There is potential in this research to create a safe, viable snake repellent to ensure that both humans and snakes can coexist.

Two groups tied for third place during the Ranger Research Day event. “The ‘Millennials’ Sense of Self in Society: College Student Identity in an Era of Profound Change,” was
sponsored by Kathleen O’Halleran, instructor of political science, sociology and geography.

Students who worked on the project include Olivia Hammontree, Medford sophomore; Leslie Hebert, San Antonio, Texas, senior; Ragan Inman, Seiling freshman, were on hand to accept

Third place winners - Millennials 
'The Millennials,"  Ragan Inman and Leslie Hebert 
Third place winners

 Third place winners - Benson and Logsdon
Alyssa Logsdon and Chrystal Benson
Third place winners

certificates for their project, Brittany Jahay, Shattuck freshman; Alicia Kerr, Wakita junior; Chase Kokojan, Drummond freshman; Stephanie Lambert, Alva senior; Kendrick Morgan, Oklahoma City freshman; Christina Mueller, Delaware senior; Seth O’Daniel, Arkansas City (Kan.) junior; Breauna Overton, Alva junior; Shea Lynn Pulis, Enid junior; Tenille Smith, Alva High School senior; Chelsea Wallace, Cherokee sophomore; and Cody Warfield, Cleo Springs freshman.

This study was aimed at scrutinizing college students’ sense of self and social identity. The research was conducted for the purpose of gaining more knowledge from “millennial” students about the emerging cultural and social dynamics of their era.

Benson partnered with Alyssa Logsdon, Alva seniors, to tie for third place with their project “Synthesis of several precursors of new dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) substrate Analogs.” Dr. Cornelia Mihai, assistant professor of chemistry, sponsored the project. DHFR is one of the most important enzymes involved in DNA biosynthesis and hence an important clinical target. Its role in DNA synthesis is to convert the substrate dihydrofolate (DHF) to tetrahydrofolate (THF) via a hydride transfer reaction.