Ranger Relief Efforts

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Ranger Relief Effort

To those of you who graciously served in the Ranger Relief Effort:

Thank you for your service and support! Everyone we came in contact with during our sessions, showed nothing but gratitude and appreciation for our hard work and service. Our presence in Woodward has left a great impression on the Woodward community and those personally affected by the disaster.

Thanks to Valarie Case for uploading the picture of the wedding dress, Sarah Merriman (Woodward, Social Work major) found, to Northwestern's Facebook page. Debi Thies commented on the post saying it was the wedding dress she made for her daughter-in-law, Lanette. The wedding dress has been returned to its owner!

I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Janet Cunningham, Dr. Deena Fisher, Dr. Wayne McMillin, Steve Valencia, Brad Franz, Charlie Burns, Lori Coonrod, Kaylyn Hansen, Valarie Case, Linda Phillips, Kylene Rehder, Casie Brittain, Rachel Stewart, and Janessa Ruback. Without these individuals, Ranger Relief Effort would not have been made possible.

Thank you for your time and contribution!