Racquetball Rules

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Racquetball Rules

Must be enrolled in at least 6 hours of undergrad. or 5 hours of grad. (1/2) time student to be eligible to play.

OBJECTIVE:Make the ball bounce twice before other player returns it to front wall.

GAMES/MATCH: Points awarded only when serving; 2 out of 3 games is a match; first 2 games are to 15 (win by one pt. margin); 3rd game, if necessary, is a “tie-breaker” to 11.

SERVE:In serving box, bounce and hit ball against front wall so that ball travels past short line.

FAULT SERVE: Ball bounces short of short line;

(2nd serve) Hits back wall or ceiling before bouncing on floor;

Hits 3 walls (before bouncing on floor);

Foot fault: foot goes completely over service line;

Serving down the line while breaking the plane of the 2nd line.

FAULT SERVE: Hits side wall (or crack) first;

(1 serve / side out) Hits ceiling or floor first;

Hits you on the fly from front wall.

5-FOOT RULE: The returner of serve (only during the serve) must stay behind the dashed line until the ball either hits within the 5-foot area or crosses the line on the fly.

POINT: When the server wins a rally, the server adds one point to his/her score.

SIDE-OUT: When the player returning serve wins the rally, then gets to serve the next rally.

HINDER: If a player is in the way of the player returning the ball, stop and re-play the rally.

SAFETY: Wear safety glasses whenever on the court;

Watch the ball at all times so you can successfully get out of the way;

Hold up your swing if you think you might hit the other player;

Give the other player an unimpeded straight shot into the front wall.

BASIC SKILLS: Hit the ball Squarely on the “Sweet spot”;

(S.P.E.L.L.) Position comfortably to the ball, letting it drop to knee high (move your feet!);

Envision your shot;

Hit through the ball on a Level plane;

Hit through the ball with a Loose arm and wrist.

STRATEGIES: Hit it where they ain’t! (which could be back to yourself)

Hit the ball into a corner, front or back, making it bounce twice;

Use the front corners when the other player is behind you;

Use the back corners when the player is in front of you;

Keep the ball on the side of the court so you can stay in center court;

“Center court” is right at the dashed line;

Use the ceiling when you’re in trouble.

Have FUN!