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Should I Major in Psychology?

Dave Barry on Psychology

Psychologists are obsessed with rats and dreams... If you like rats or dreams, and above all, if you dream about rats, your should major in Psychology.

So Why Major in Psychology?

Major in Psychology to:

•  Signal an interest in people and interpersonal skills
•  Work in human services
•  Continue in a Psychology-related graduate field
•  Plan a career requiring people skills
•  Develop quantitative and research skills

My Parents Want to Know

Will I be able to get a job with a bachelor's degree in Psychology?

•  Nationally, less than 5% of Psychology majors report being unemployed
•  It may not be in a field directly related to Psychology

Will I make any money?

•  Yes, but not as much as in some other majors such as engineering.  Jobs tend to be in public service areas.

How to Check Psychology Out

•  Talk to some people who are majoring in Psychology
•  Talk to Psychology instructors
•  Take some Psychology classes as a part of your general education requirements
•  Check out career services early
•  Talk to professionals in the field of Psychology

Questions to Ask Yourself

•  Do I like to work with people?
•  Can I work with people who have problems?
•  Is a Psychology major needed to reach my goal?
•  How about the money?
•  How do I know I will stay interested?

Some Jobs Held by Psychology Majors

Community and Social Services

•  Human Services Worker
•  Social Worker (in many states)
•  Program Director
•  Volunteer Coordinator

Human Resources

•  Employee Development
•  Training Coordinator
•  Recruiter

Residential Care

•  For Developmentally Delayed
•  For Delinquents
•  For the Elderly

Management and Business

•  Banking
•  Sales
•  Public Relations
•  Restaurant and Hotel

Student Affairs/Services

•  Admissions
•  Career Services
•  Residential Life
•  Student Activities
•  Alumni/Development

Probation/Parole/Law Enforcement

•  Parole Officer
•  Correction Officer
•  Juvenile Intake Worker


•  Child Care Worker
•  Peace Corps
•  Teacher's Aide

Scientific Research

•  Opinion Survey Researcher

Source:  Morgan, B., & Korschgen, A. (2001) Majoring in Psych? Career options for psychology undergraduates (2nd ed.) Boston: Allyn and Bacon.